External Areas definition

External Areas means any areas outside the Building which are within the Landlord’s registered title (CB170451) at the date of this Lease.
External Areas means the areas, which lie between the ground floor of the New Clubhouse Buildingand Broomhouse Lane, London SW6;
External Areas means all the areas that are not Internal Areas including but not limited to pathways, walkways, steps and similar pedestrian traffic ways, walls, windows, facades, external Floors and similar external surfaces;

Examples of External Areas in a sentence

  • Modifications in the External Areas and the subsequent Policy-5 adjustments resulted in a 0.37% decrease in IRM.

  • LP6 External Areas and Outdoor EventsThe Licensing Authority will normally restrict external areas and outdoor activity to between 08:00 and 22:00 unless the applicant can demonstrate that comprehensive control measures have been implemented that ensure the promotion of the licensing objectives, in particular the public nuisance objective.Notwithstanding any proposed control measures, the Licensing Authority may restrict the hours and/or activity even further.

  • Weekly Parking Area and Common External Areas of the facility All common areas and parking Sweep platforms Daily Remove papers and other foreign objects continuously Horticulture Grass Cutting & Tree Trimming Cut Grass, Trimming of trees general clean-up of vegetation within the full precinct.

  • Of these seven drivers, the most significant are an updated load forecast uncertainty model which increased the IRM by 1.2% and an improved representation of the interconnected External Areas which increased the IRM by 0.7%.

  • Where suitable, install a lobby to prevent spillage of noise each time an entrance/exit door is opened.• External AreasExternal areas such as gardens can be the source of noise disturbance to surrounding premises.

  • In its Statement of Case [OBJ O7/SOC] the objector reiterates the above concerns and also seeks assurances that it will receive compensation for business losses arising as a direct consequence of the WMCA’s works, and for WMCA to reinstate and make good the roads and other Common External Areas within plots 336 and 337 on completion of the works.

  • External Areas The provision of seating areas outside premises in beer gardens or on the pavement can enhance the attractiveness of a venue, but operators of licensed premises should ensure, so far as possible, that customers do not cause a nuisance or disorder outside the premises and that measures to ensure the safety of customers and prevention of nuisance are in place.

  • An under spend of £7,000 is forecast in the External Areas section.

  • The Sub-Committee also recalled that, at FP 51, it had established a Correspondence Group on Review of Fire Safety of External Areas on Passenger Ships and approved terms of reference, as set out in paragraphs 14.4 of document FP 51/19, instructing the group to submit a report to FP 52.

  • Annex E- Scope of Work and DeliverablesScope of Work and Deliverables: Housekeeping Services Sr. No. Description1-Provide House Keeping Services for External Areas, Internal Common Areas, Lift Lobbies, and other areaswithin the vicinity.

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  • External Account is your account at another financial institution (i) to which you are transferring funds from your Eligible Transaction Account; or (ii) from which you are transferring funds to your Eligible Transaction Account.

  • Internal appeal means an internal appeal to the relevant authority in terms of section 74;

  • External Auditor as used here shall mean any registered public accounting firm engaged for the purpose of preparing or issuing an audit report or performing other audit, review or attest services for the Company. Each such external auditor shall report directly to the Committee. With respect to the external auditor, the Committee shall:

  • External dose means that portion of the dose equivalent received from any source of radiation outside the body.

  • external borders means external borders as defined in point 2 of Article 2 of Regulation (EU) 2016/399;

  • internal waters means any navigable river or waterway within the State of California.

  • external wall means an outer wall of a building even though adjoining to a wall of another building and also means a wall abutting on an interior open space of a building;

  • External Manager means either of the following: (1) A person who is seeking to be, or is, retained by a board or an investment vehicle to manage a portfolio of securities or other assets for compensation, or (2) A person who manages an investment fund and who offers or sells, or has offered or sold, an ownership interest in the investment fund to a board or an investment vehicle.

  • Internal Auditor means the person employed or engaged by the Corporation to perform the internal audit function of the Corporation;

  • Internal audit means an independent appraisal activity established within a state agency as a control system to examine and evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of other internal control systems within the agency.

  • External floating roof means a storage vessel cover in an open tank top consisting of a double deck or pontoon single deck which rests upon and is supported by the petroleum liquid being contained and is equipped with a closure seal or seals to close the space between the roof edge and tank shell.

  • Internal dose means that portion of the dose equivalent received from radioactive material taken into the body.

  • external company means a foreign company that is carrying on business, or non-profit activities, as the case may be, within the Republic, subject to section 23(2);

  • External beam radiation therapy means therapeutic irradiation in which the source of radiation is at a distance from the body.

  • Internal Systems means the internal systems of the Company that are used in its business or operations, including, computer hardware systems, software applications and embedded systems.

  • Stormwater system means constructed and natural features which function together as a system to collect, convey, channel, hold, inhibit, retain, detain, infiltrate, divert, treat, or filter stormwater. “Stormwater system” includes both public and privately owned features.

  • Internal floating roof means a cover or roof in a fixed-roof tank that rests upon or is floated upon, the liquid being contained, and is equipped with a closure seal or seals to close the space between the roof edge and the tank shell.

  • external engineering service means an engineering service situated outside the boundaries of a land area and that is necessary to serve the use and development of the land area;

  • Engineering controls means constructed containment barriers or systems that control one or more of the following: downward migration, infiltration, or seepage of surface runoff or rain; or natural leaching migration of contaminants through the subsurface over time. Examples include caps, engineered bottom barriers, immobilization processes, and vertical barriers.

  • External Directors means directors appointed and serving in accordance with Sections 239 through 249 of the Companies Law.

  • Infrastructure means infrastructure serving the County and improved or unimproved real estate and personal property, including machinery and equipment, used in the operation of the Project, within the meaning of Section 4-29-68 of the Code.

  • Extreme Vetting means data mining, threat modeling, predictive risk analysis, or other similar services." Extreme Vetting does not include:

  • External Verifier means any qualified provider of third party assurance or attestation services or other independent expert of internationally recognised standing appointed by the Issuer, in each case with the expertise necessary to perform the functions required to be performed by the External Verifier under these Conditions, as determined in good faith by the Issuer;

  • drain means (subject to Section 219(2) of the 1991 Act) a drain used for the drainage of one building or any buildings or yards appurtenant to buildings within the same curtilage;

  • Water System means the plants, structures and other

  • Stormwater management measure means any practice, technology, process, program, or other method intended to control or reduce stormwater runoff and associated pollutants, or to induce or control the infiltration or groundwater recharge of stormwater or to eliminate illicit or illegal non-stormwater discharges into stormwater conveyances.