Eurazeo definition

Eurazeo means Eurazeo North America, as manager of funds affiliated with Eurazeo SE.
Eurazeo. ’ or ‘‘Eurazeo Group’’ means collectively (i) Eurazeo S.A.; (ii) any subsidiary of Eurazeo; (iii) any investment fund or vehicle managed, sponsored or advised by Eurazeo or any of its subsidiaries or any successor thereto, or any successor to any such fund or vehicle; (iv) any person controlled by the managers or employees of Eurazeo or any of its subsidiaries; and

Examples of Eurazeo in a sentence

  • Its solid institutional and family shareholder base, robust financial structure free of structural debt, and flexible investment horizon enable Eurazeo to support its companies over the long term.

  • Aron & Company, and their sponsors, Eurazeo North America and Primavera Capital Management Ltd.

  • The Company covers most private equity segments through its four business divisions – Eurazeo Capital, Eurazeo Croissance, Eurazeo PME and Eurazeo Patrimoine.

  • Like-for-like (“lfl”) = at constant Eurazeo scope and exchange rates.

  • With its considerable private equity, real estate and private debt expertise, Eurazeo accompanies companies of all sizes, supporting their development through the commitment of its nearly 300 professionals and by offering deep sector expertise, a gateway to global markets, and a responsible and stable foothold for transformational growth.

  • The deal generated sales proceeds of €57 million for Eurazeo, i.e., a return on the initial investment of 2.2x and an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of almost 18%.

  • The deal generated sales proceeds of €57 million for Eurazeo, i.e., a return on the initial investment of 2.2x and an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of around 18%.

  • With this Code of Conduct, Eurazeo aims not only to protect its commercial interests but also aims to ensure and promote responsibility throughout its supply chain.

  • To exercise these rights, Participants may send a request by mail to: Eurazeo, "A photographer for Eurazeo" contest, 1 rue Georges Berger, 75017 PARIS.

  • No confidential information belonging to Eurazeo is revealed, transmitted, disclosed, or used by them outside the business relationship.

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