ETR definition

ETR means the Electricity Transmission Regulations 1996. “excluded EDR provision” is defined in rule 3.41. “excluded ETR provision” is defined in rule 3.38.

Examples of ETR in a sentence

  • The results of the assurance requirements are generally described in this section and are presented in detail in the proprietary ETR.

  • Additionally, the evaluation of the composite product or system must also consider the evaluation results as outlined in the document "ETR for composite evaluation" [10].At the point in time when evaluation and certification results are reused there might be an update of the document "ETR for composite evaluation" available.

  • The information in this report is largely derived from the Evaluation Technical Report (ETR) and associated test reports, all written by Gossamer Security Solutions.

  • Until your group has received the Employee Trade Request ("ETR") System, the pre-clearance process requires the submission of an "Employee Trading Pre-Clearance Form" to your Supervisor, or respective delegate, and Compliance.

  • The ETR and the documentation of eligibility can be considered a prior written notice if all the elements required in a prior written notice are present in the ETR and determination of eligibility.

More Definitions of ETR

ETR means Entergy Corporation, a Delaware corporation.
ETR has the meaning given to it in the Recitals.
ETR. See Recitals hereto;
ETR means Entergy Corporation.
ETR or “Early Termination Right ” means Section VII(v)