Esports definition

Esports means a form of multiplayer competition using video games, primarily between competitive gamers that includes the ability to perform in front of an audience, whether through an online platform, broadcasted on television, or at a physical event.
Esports means organized multiplayer video game competitions.
Esports means a video game competition in which players and teams compete against each other.

Examples of Esports in a sentence

  • During 2022, MOGO Inc acquired a 99% ownership stake in MOGO Esports Private Limited (“MOGO Pvt Ltd”).

  • Esports are the competitive playing of video games by amateur and professional teams for cash and other prizes.

  • MOGO does not expect to realize and has not realized material net revenues from its activities in such early-stage tournaments but is building support for it Esports program.

  • ExhibitsSee Exhibit Index below EXHIBIT INDEX Exhibit No. Description3.1Articles of Incorporation of Mobile Global Esports Inc.

  • Esports are defined as competitive games of skill, timing, knowledge, experience, practice, attention and teamwork, but not games of chance or luck.

  • Esports typically take the form of organized, multiplayer video games that include real-time strategy and competition, including virtual fights, first-person shooter and multiplayer online battle arena games.

  • While most themes experience gradual improvements in scale along the adoption curve, for themes that rely on interconnectivity, such as Social Media and to a lesser extent Video Games & Esports, monetization opportunities accelerate once the technology has high adoption levels and network effects make it is more difficult to switch to a different service.

More Definitions of Esports

Esports means any form of active virtual/electronic entertainment representing or impersonating fully or in part any of the disciplines, events or trademarks governed by the WBSC as well as all related online and off line competitions
Esports means sport competition using video games. “Fiscal 2017” means the year ended October 31, 2017.
Esports means a form of competition using video games.
Esports means a video game competition in which players and

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