EPH definition

EPH means Encuesta Permanente de Hogares, a biannual national household survey carried out by the Borrower;
EPH has the meaning given in recital (4);
EPH means extractable petroleum hydrocarbon.

Examples of EPH in a sentence

  • The average number of years of schooling for the population over 25 years of age (see Figure 5) is 7.0 years, but in rural areas, this figure is only 4.9 years (EPH 2003).

  • In 2004, 36.0% of the homes in Paraguay had at least one cellular telephone (EPH 2004).

  • According to EPH 2004, 61.7% of the rural homes in Paraguay have a television set and 54.1% have a refrigerator.

  • Let not fornication, uncleanness, covetousness, filthiness, foolish talking, and jesting be mentioned among you as becometh saints (EPH 5:3-4)12.

  • Environmental Public Health (EPH) will review the site for septic disposal and water availability requirements.

  • Approval was given to consult on a stand- alone procurement of Extra Care and specialist dementia care for Catherine Dalley House EPH and the Silverdale Hostel site, and the transfer of the Council’s remaining nine homes.

  • EPH 2003 discovered that 55% of rural homes have some type of stove, but does not specify the type of energy they use.

  • For secondary education, that is, between the ages of 15 and 18 years, the rates of school attendance are much lower than in the first level, that is, 62.5% on the average for the country, and 52.5% in rural areas (EPH 2003).

  • Thus coverage in the country should reach 93% in 2004 (EPH 2004), and 96% by 2008.

  • The latest Ongoing Home Survey (EPH) in 2004 that was carried out by DGEEC (see Table 9) found that on the average, rural homes use the following energy sources for cooking food: firewood, 75.1%, LPG 17.1%, charcoal 6.4% and electricity 0.1%.

More Definitions of EPH

EPH means Energetický a průmyslový holding, a.s., a company incorporated under the laws of the Czech Republic, having its seat at Xxxxxx 000/0, 000 00 Xxxx, Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx, with identification number (IČ) 283 56 250;
EPH means Energetický a průmyslový holding, a.s., a joint stock company incorporated in the Czech Republic under the company number 283 56 250.

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