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Entitle means “to give . . . a title, right, or claim to something.” Random House Dictionary of the English Lan- guage 649 (2d ed. 1987). See also Black’s Law Dictionary 477 (5th ed. 1979) (“to give a right or legal title to”). The parties agree that Van Buren had been given the right to acquire license-plate information—that is, he was “entitled to obtain” it—from the law enforcement computer database. But was Van Buren “entitled so to obtain” the license-plate information, as the statute requires?
Entitle давать право; именовать
Entitle. , "Entitled" and "Entitlement" means the entitlement of the Developer to certain SIC Offset Amounts pursuant to clause 4.4 to the SIC Offset Amounts as provided for in that clause.

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Entitle the contractor to stop the progress of the work or carrying out the additional or altered work in accordance with the provision of General Conditions for the work where there is no specification.

Consistent with the fore- going, each recipient under the Entitle- ment or HUD-administered Small Cit- ies programs, and each recipient of in- sular area funds under section 106 of the Act must ensure and maintain evi- dence that each of its activities as- sisted with CDBG funds meets one of the three national objectives as con- tained in its certification.

A security interest in a Security Entitle- ment that is in favor of a Reserve Bank from a Person that is not a Partici- pant, and that is not recorded on the books of a Reserve Bank pursuant to § 1314.5(c), is governed by the law deter- mined in the manner specified in para- graph (d) of this section.

The in- terest of a debtor in a Security Entitle- ment may be reached by a creditor only by legal process upon the Securi- ties Intermediary with whom the debt- or’s securities account is maintained, except where a Security Entitlement is maintained in the name of a secured party, in which case the debtor’s inter- est may be reached by legal process upon the secured party.

Entitle the holders to distributions calculated in any manner, including dividends that may be cumulative, noncumulative or partially cumulative; or[PL 2001, c.

Entitle Level 2 Quote Display service for the Company’s securities on OTC Markets Group’s websites and the Company’s corporate websites.

Entitle- ment to CHAMPUS benefits ceases as of 12:01 a.m. on the day following the day the desertion status is declared.

The rights and property interests associated with a Security Entitle- ment of a Participant held on the books of a Federal Reserve Bank (‘‘Participant’s Secu- rity Entitlement’’) are, however, different from the rights and property interests asso- ciated with other Security Entitlements.

If an agreement between the Secu- rities Intermediary and its Entitle- ment Holder does not specify a juris- diction as provided in paragraph (b)(1) or (b)(2) of this section, the Securities Intermediary’s jurisdiction is the juris- diction in which is located the office identified in an account statement as the office serving the Entitlement Holder’s account.

A Security Entitle- ment is the interest that an Entitlement Holder has in a Treasury book-entry secu- rity.

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Entitle means “to qualify for”). When former Plan sponsor U S WEST told Appellants Kerber and Phelps that they were entitled to the PDB, the company did

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Receive or "receipt of" means, when referring to the permitting authority or the administrator, to come into possession of a document, information, or correspondence (whether sent in writing or by authorized electronic transmission), as indicated in an official correspondence log, or by a notation made on the document, information, or correspondence, by the permitting authority or the administrator in the regular course of business.
Right means a right to purchase a Common Share, upon the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in this Agreement;
Ownership Share means, with respect to any Subsidiary of a Person (other than a Wholly Owned Subsidiary) or any Unconsolidated Affiliate of a Person, the greater of (a) such Person’s relative nominal direct and indirect ownership interest (expressed as a percentage) in such Subsidiary or Unconsolidated Affiliate or (b) such Person’s relative direct and indirect economic interest (calculated as a percentage) in such Subsidiary or Unconsolidated Affiliate determined in accordance with the applicable provisions of the declaration of trust, articles or certificate of incorporation, articles of organization, partnership agreement, joint venture agreement or other applicable organizational document of such Subsidiary or Unconsolidated Affiliate.
Represent means to attend an agency proceeding, write a letter, or communicate with an employee of an agency on behalf of someone else;
Rights means, with respect to any Person, securities or obligations convertible into or exercisable or exchangeable for, or giving any Person any right to subscribe for or acquire, or any options, calls or commitments relating to, or any stock appreciation right or other instrument the value of which is determined in whole or in part by reference to the market price or value of, shares of capital stock of such Person.
Ownership Interest means, as to any Certificate, any ownership or security interest in such Certificate as the Holder thereof and any other interest therein, whether direct or indirect, legal or beneficial, as owner or as pledgee.
Acquire means the acquisition of Beneficial or Constructive Ownership of Equity Shares by any means, including, without limitation, the exercise of any rights under any option, warrant, convertible security, pledge or other security interest or similar right to acquire shares, but shall not include the acquisition of any such rights unless, as a result, the acquiror would be considered a Beneficial Owner or Constructive Owner. The terms "Acquires" and "Acquisition" shall have correlative meanings.
Shareholder means a person who owns shares in the company and is actively involved in the management of the enterprise or business and exercises control over the enterprise.
Warrants means, collectively, the Common Stock purchase warrants delivered to the Purchasers at the Closing in accordance with Section 2.2(a) hereof, which Warrants shall be exercisable immediately and have a term of exercise equal to 5 years, in the form of Exhibit C attached hereto.
Possess means to have physical possession or otherwise to exercise dominion or control over tangible property.
Dividends means cash dividends and cash distributions with respect to any Pledged Shares or other Pledged Property made in the ordinary course of business and not a liquidating dividend.
Share means a share of the Common Stock, as adjusted in accordance with Section 13 of the Plan.
Indirect Ownership Interest means any ownership interest in an entity that has ownership interest in the disclosing entity. The term includes an ownership interest in any entity that has an indirect ownership interest in the disclosing entity.
Constructively Own means ownership under the constructive ownership rules described in Exhibit C.
Exercise means a Holder’s right to exercise the Securities, in accordance with Product Condition 3;
Assign means to directly or indirectly sell, transfer, assign, distribute, exchange, pledge, hypothecate, mortgage, grant a security interest in, encumber or otherwise dispose of Registrable Securities, whether voluntarily or by operation of law, including by way of a merger. “Assignor,” “Assignee,” “Assigning” and “Assignment” have meanings corresponding to the foregoing.
Volunteer means an individual who has regular, significant contact with students.
Operate means to operate the Natural Gas Distribution System, or to interrupt or restore service in any part of the Natural Gas Distribution System, in a safe and reliable manner;
Privileges means exclusive privileges as set out in the E-Privilege which may be, from time to time, updated or amended by the Company;
Partnership Security means any class or series of equity interest in the Partnership (but excluding any options, rights, warrants and appreciation rights relating to an equity interest in the Partnership), including without limitation, Common Units, Subordinated Units and Incentive Distribution Rights.
Encumber means the act of creating or purporting to create an Encumbrance, whether or not perfected under applicable law.
Substantial Shareholder means a person who is entitled to exercise, or to control the exercise of, 10% or more (or such other percentage as may be prescribed by the Listing Rules) of the voting power at any general meeting of the Company;
Competitor means any individual or entity that, at any time during the Term, whether directly or through an Affiliate, owns in whole or in part, or is the licensor or franchisor of a Competing Brand, irrespective of the number of hotels owned, licensed or franchised under such Competing Brand name. A Competitor does not include an individual or entity that: (i) is a franchisee of a Competing Brand; (ii) manages a Competing Brand hotel, so long as the individual or entity is not the exclusive manager of the Competing Brand; or (iii) owns a minority interest in a Competing Brand, so long as neither that individual or entity nor any of its Affiliates is an officer, director, or employee of the Competing Brand, provides services (including as a consultant) to the Competing Brand, or exercises, or has the right to exercise, Control over the business decisions of the Competing Brand.
Stockholder means, with respect to any Person, each holder of Stock of such Person.
Constructive Ownership means ownership of Shares by a Person, whether the interest in the Shares is held directly or indirectly (including by a nominee), and shall include interests that would be treated as owned through the application of Section 318(a) of the Code, as modified by Section 856(d)(5) of the Code. The terms “Constructive Owner,” “Constructively Owns” and “Constructively Owned” shall have the correlative meanings.
Provide : The term "provide" means to furnish and install, complete and ready for the intended use.