Empowered definition

Empowered means enlarging people’s choices in life, including the range of all they can achieve.
Empowered. (獲賦權) means empowered by or under this Ordinance; "entry permit" (入境證) means an entry permit issued under this Ordinance;
Empowered has the meaning set forth in the preamble.

Examples of Empowered in a sentence

  • In case Board or Empowered Committee or FDs of CIL/Subsidiary or CMD is tender accepting authority, then the approval of CMD of CIL/Subsidiary is to be obtained and if the TAA is below CMD level then approval of TAA shall be obtained.

  • If the matter is not resolved by the GRC at PMU level within one month of time, the aggrieved person/party can bring the matter to The Executive Committee/State Level Empowered Committee (SLEC).

  • The Empowered Officer of the Employer reserves the right to increase or decrease the man power requirement as per need.

  • If after the Empowered Officer has given written notice of his decision to the parties, no claim to arbitration has been communicated to him by either party within thirty (30) days from the receipt of such notice, the said decision shall become final and binding on the parties.

  • In case the Accepting Authority of the work is Board or Empowered Committee or FDs or CMD of CIL/Subsidiary Company, then the Competent Authority for banning shall be CMD of CIL/Subsidiary Company.

  • In the event of the Empowered Officer failing to notify his decision as aforesaid within thirty (30) days after being requested aforesaid, or in the event of either the Owner or the Contractor being dissatisfied with any such decision, or within thirty (30) days after the expiry of the first mentioned period of thirty (30) days, as the case may be either party may require that the matters in dispute be referred to arbitration as hereinafter provided.

  • If after the Empowered Officer has given written notice of his decision to the parties, no claim to arbitration has been communicated to him by either party within party (30) days from the receipt of such notice, the said decision shall become final and binding on the parties.

  • If so requested, the Standing Empowered Committee may allow one opportunity to the Contractor and the Employer for oral arguments for a specified period.

  • Similarly, if the Employer does not accept the decision of the Standing Empowered Committee above the limit of five percent of the Initial Contract Price, he will be free to approach the courts applicable under the law.

  • Empowered to make financial or health-related decisions on behalf of the individual.

Related to Empowered

  • entitled Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation, as Servicer, for the benefit of registered holders of Chase Manhattan Acceptance Corporation Multi-Class Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series [ ], Class B-5." Amounts in the Collateral Fund shall continue to be the property of the Purchaser, subject to the first priority security interest granted hereunder for the benefit of the Certificate holders, until withdrawn from the Collateral Fund pursuant to Section 2.02 or 2.03 hereof. Upon the termination of this Agreement and the liquidation of all Mortgage Loans as to which the Purchaser has made any Election to Delay Foreclosure or any Election to Foreclose pursuant to Section 2.04 hereof, the Company shall distribute to the Purchaser all amounts remaining in the Collateral Fund together with any investment earnings thereon. The Collateral Fund shall be an "outside reserve fund" within the meaning of the REMIC Provisions, beneficially owned by the Purchaser. In no event shall the Purchaser (i) take or cause the Trustee or the Company to take any action that could cause any REMIC established under the Trust Agreement to fail to qualify as a REMIC or cause the imposition on any such REMIC of any "prohibited transaction" or "prohibited contribution" taxes or (ii) cause the Trustee or the Company to fail to take any action necessary to maintain the status of any such REMIC as a REMIC.

  • Intervention means any action intended to reduce or avert exposure or the likelihood of exposure to sources which are not part of a controlled practice or which are out of control as a consequence of an accident;

  • Authorized “Directed” or “Approved” shall mean the authority, direction or approval of the Engineer.

  • second authority means the authority to which a mover is liable to make payments for the new dwelling;

  • Delegates means those persons elected or appointed to vote in a representative assembly for the election of a director or directors or on other matters.

  • Authorised “Directed” or “Approved” shall mean the authority, direction or approval of the Engineer.

  • Corporate Action means any subscription right, bonus issue, stock repurchase plan, redemption, exchange, tender offer, or similar matter with respect to a Financial Asset in the Securities Account that requires discretionary action by the holder, but does not include proxy voting.

  • Crisis intervention means actions taken, and services provided to address emergency psychological, physiological, and safety aspects of alcohol, drug-related, and mental health crises.

  • Lead Authority means the local authority appointed by the Parties under this agreement to lead on a particular function in accordance with Clause 12.

  • Early intervention means action to hinder or alter a per- son’s mental disorder or abuse of alcohol or other drugs in order to reduce the duration of early symptoms or to reduce the duration or severity of mental illness or alcohol or other drug abuse that may result.

  • Corporate Actions means any action(s) taken by an issuer, whose listed securities are associated with the financial instruments traded through the Company trading platform(s), including, but not limited to instances of: (i) stock split, (ii) consolidation, (iii) rights issue, (iv) merger and takeover, and (v) dividends.

  • Recover "Recovered," "Recovery" means all monies recovered by way of judgment, settlement, reimbursement, or otherwise to compensate for any loss related to any Injury, Sickness, condition, and/or accident where a Third Party is or may be responsible. "Recovery" includes, but is not limited to, recoveries for medical or dental expenses, attorneys' fees, costs and expenses, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, wrongful death, wages and/or any other recovery of any form of damages or compensation whatsoever.

  • approve “approval” “consent” “certify” “direct” “notify” or “request” means apply approve approval consent certify direct notify or request (as the case may be) in writing;

  • County Political Party Committee means a committee organized pursuant to N.J.S.A. 19:5-3.

  • Black empowered enterprise means an enterprise that is at least 25,1% owned by black persons and where there is substantial management control. Ownership refers to economic interests. Management refers to executive directors. This is whether the black enterprise has control or not.

  • State Political Party Committee means a committee organized pursuant to N.J.S.A. 19:5-4.

  • Empowerment Neighborhoods means neighborhoods designated by the Urban Coordinating Council “in consultation and conjunction with” the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority pursuant to N.J.S.A 55:19-69.

  • Supervise or "supervision" means a school-age provider must be able to see or hear the children they are responsible for at all times. A school-age provider must use their knowledge of each child's development and behavior to anticipate what may occur to prevent un- safe or unhealthy events or conduct, or to intervene in such circum- stances as soon as possible. A school-age provider must also reposi- tion themselves or the children to be aware of where children are and what they are doing during care. A school-age provider must reassess and adjust their supervision each time program activities change. See "active supervision" for a heightened standard of care.

  • Road authority means each governmental agency with jurisdiction over public streets and highways. Road authority includes the department, any other state agency, and intergovernmental, county, city, and village governmental agencies responsible for the construction, repair, and maintenance of streets and highways. When a street railway operates or seeks to operate a street railway system over public streets and highways over which more than 1 road authority possesses jurisdiction, road authority includes each road authority with jurisdiction over public streets and highways upon which the street railway operates or seeks to operate a street railway system.

  • State Management Committee means a Committee comprising representatives from the Confederation of Western Australian Industry, the Trades and Labor Council of Western Australia, Technical and Further Education (TAFE) and the relevant Federal and State Government Departments which approve traineeship arrangements by agreement of each of the parties. The State Management Committee may be established pursuant to the provisions of the Industrial and Commercial Training Act, 1975 or any amendment to or substitution of that Act, provided that any Committee or body established in lieu of the State Management Committee has the same representatives structure and decision making processes as that Committee.

  • Political party committee means the state central committee or county central committee of an organization that meets the requirements for recognition as a political party pursuant to Section 5100 of the Elections Code.

  • Inurnment means the placement of cremated remains in an urn.

  • Directed means under a direction of the Director of Technical Education 3 or the chief executive officer of an approved college 4;

  • Appointed means the act of naming or designating someone to a position or office.

  • Party committee means any committee organized by or authorized by the

  • State actuary or "actuary" means the person appointed