EDO definition

EDO means the Early Debit Order payment stream, which is described in more detail in the User Manual;
EDO means EDO Corporation, a New York corporation.

Examples of EDO in a sentence

  • I / We authorise the originator to make use of the tracking facility as provided for in the EDO system at no additional cost to myself / ourselves.

  • Article 44 is base on the concept that there is no necessary connection between religion and personal law in a civilized society.

  • Each EDO is dedicated to protecting the environment in the public interest.

  • While reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this review, no guarantee is given, nor responsibility taken, by SPREP or the EDO NSW for its accuracy, currency or completeness.

  • The PM coordinates with the State staff and, through the EDO, with the Chairman's office.

More Definitions of EDO

EDO means Earned Day Off.
EDO means EDO Corporation and each Affiliate of EDO Corporation.
EDO means Estado or state in English
EDO has the meaning ascribed thereto in the definition of Contributing Affiliate.