Early Payoff definition

Early Payoff means a loan that is paid in full within 180 days following the Purchase Date.
Early Payoff means the Loan is paid in full within one hundred eighty (180) days after the Sale Date or such shorter period of time as may be set forth in the Guides.
Early Payoff. With respect to any Mortgage Loan that becomes an “Early Payoff” as defined hereinabove, Broker shall pay to Lender within five (5) business days following notice of such prepayment, any and all Broker compensation and other amounts received from Lender or from the applicable borrower in such transaction.

Examples of Early Payoff in a sentence

  • The remittance pertaining to an Early Payoff loan will be required whether ArcHome is the purchaser of the new mortgage or the current holder of the Loan that was paid in full.

  • MK Lending shall notify Broker in writing of the amount due with respect to any Early Payoff, and Broker agrees to submit payment within fifteen (15) days of receipt of such notice.

  • See infra Section III.B.4. Finally, Wells Fargo’s future policy changes will ensure that there are not more customers who do not receive Early Payoff GAP Refunds to which they are entitled under Plaintiffs’ theory of the case.

  • The Class Representatives all suffered the same injury as the rest of the Class Members: “they did not receive an Early Payoff GAP Refund from Wells Fargo after their Early Payoff as a result of Wells Fargo’s uniform practice of not paying such refunds.” Mot.

  • Settlement Agreement § IV.B. Such Non-Statutory Subclass Members will be eligible to receive up to the full amount of their Early Payoff GAP Refund, without any deduction for cancellation fees.

  • Stephen Calk “Don‟t Let Basel III Hold Back Community Bank Lending” Origination News 9/7/2012 found at http://www.originationnews.com/blogs/compliance/basel-III-holds-back-community-bank-lending-1032122-1.htmlIn order for us to maintain our current Tier 1 Capital rating we would have to raise, at a minimum, at least $8.5 million in new capital if the final rule contains the provisions for credit enhancing representations and warranties for Early Payment Defaults and Early Payoff on sold loans.

  • First, Wells Fargo will implement processes by January 1, 2022, that will automatically provide Early Payoff GAP Refunds to customers in all 50 states so long as they complete Early Payoff.

  • At the heart of this suit is Wells Fargo’s policy of not refunding unearned GAP fees after an Early Payoff.

  • Without the ability to rely on state laws that explicitly bind Wells Fargo to pay Early Payoff GAP Refunds, the Non-statutory Subclass Members do not have as strong of a case against Wells Fargo.

  • Lender shall notify Broker in writing of any amount due with respect to Early Payoff, and Broker shall submit payment to Lender within fifteen (15) days of such providing notice.

More Definitions of Early Payoff

Early Payoff or “EPO” means a Loan that is paid in full or has aggregate curtailments in excess of 30% of the principal balance, within two hundred and seventy (270) days of closing, or within such other time period as may be set forth in the Guides.
Early Payoff means a Loan that is paid in full within one hundred and eighty (180) days or before the sixth regular mortgage payment after consummation, whichever occurs later, or within such other time period as may be set forth in the Guides.

Related to Early Payoff

  • Monthly Payments has the meaning set forth in Section 7.2B.

  • Monthly Payment The scheduled monthly payment of principal and interest on a Mortgage Loan.

  • Minimum Monthly Payment for any Mortgage Loan and any month means the minimum amount required to be paid by the related mortgagor in that month.

  • Untimely payment means a payment to a subcontractor that is more than 90 days past due under the terms and conditions of a subcontract for supplies and services for which the Government has paid the prime contractor.

  • Monthly Payment Amount means, with respect to each Payment Date, a payment equal to the amount of interest which has accrued during the related Interest Accrual Period, computed at the Interest Rate.

  • Early Payment Date (k means the "Early Payment Date (k)" as specified in § 1 of the Product and Underlying Data.

  • Monthly Payment Date means the Payment Date (as defined in the Mortgage Loan Documents).

  • Loan Payment means any amount payable by the Loan Parties to the Bank pursuant to the Legal Agreements or these General Conditions, including (but not limited to) any amount of the Withdrawn Loan Balance, interest, the Front-end Fee, interest at the Default Interest Rate (if any), any prepayment premium, any transaction fee for a Conversion or early termination of a Conversion, any premium payable upon the establishment of an Interest Rate Cap or Interest Rate Collar, and any Unwinding Amount payable by the Borrower.”

  • Sublease Payment means any payment required to be made by the District pursuant to Article 7 of the Sublease.

  • Loan Payments means the amounts required to be paid by the Borrower in repayment of the Loan pursuant to the provisions of the Notes and of Section 4.1 hereof.

  • Scheduled Payments means, as to each Insured Distribution Date, payments which are required to be made to Holders in accordance with the original terms of the Obligations when issued and without regard to any subsequent amendment or modification of the Obligations or of the Indenture except amendments or modifications to which Financial Security has given its prior written consent, which payments are (i) the Noteholders' Interest Distributable Amount with respect to the related Distribution Date, (ii) the Noteholders' Remaining Parity Deficit Amount with respect to the related Distribution Date and (iii) with respect to the Final Scheduled Distribution Date for any class of Obligations, the outstanding principal amount of such class on such Final Scheduled Distribution Date, after taking into account reductions on such Date of such outstanding principal amount from all sources other than this Policy. Scheduled Payments do not include payments which become due on an accelerated basis as a result of (a) a default by the Obligor, (b) an election by the Obligor to pay principal on an accelerated basis, (c) the occurrence of an Event of Default under the Indenture or (d) any other cause, unless Financial Security elects, in its sole discretion, to pay in whole or in part such principal due upon acceleration, together with any accrued interest to the date of acceleration. In the event Financial Security does not so elect, this Policy will continue to guarantee payment on the Obligations in accordance with their original terms. Scheduled Payments shall not include (x) any portion of a Noteholders' Interest Distributable Amount due to Holders because the appropriate notice and certificate for payment in proper form as required by paragraph 2 hereof was not timely Received by Financial Security, (y) any portion of a Noteholders' Interest Distributable Amount due to Holders representing interest on any Noteholders' Interest Carryover Amount accrued from and including the date of payment of the amount of such Noteholders' Interest Carryover Amount pursuant hereto or (z) any Note Prepayment Amounts, unless Financial Security elects, in its sole discretion, to pay such amount in whole or in part. Scheduled Payments shall not include any amounts due in respect of the Obligations attributable to any increase in interest rate, penalty or other sum payable by the Obligor by reason of any default or event of default in respect of the Obligations, or by reason of any deterioration of the credit worthiness of the Obligor, nor shall Scheduled Payments include, nor shall coverage be provided under this Policy in respect of, any taxes, withholding or other charge with respect to any Holder imposed by any governmental authority due in connection with the payment of any Scheduled Payment to a Holder.

  • Balloon Payments means with respect to any loan constituting Indebtedness, any required principal payment of such loan which is payable at the maturity of such Indebtedness, provided, however, that the final payment of a fully amortized loan shall not constitute a Balloon Payment.

  • Monthly Payment Rate means, for any Collection Period, the percentage derived from dividing the Principal Collections for such Collection Period by the average daily Pool Balance for such Collection Period.

  • Balloon Payment A payment of the unamortized principal balance of a Mortgage Loan in a single payment at the maturity of such Mortgage Loan that is substantially greater than the preceding Monthly Payment.

  • Prepayment Charges Any prepayment premium or charge payable by a Mortgagor in connection with any Principal Prepayment on a Mortgage Loan pursuant to the terms of the related Mortgage Note or Mortgage, as applicable.

  • Lease Payments means the rental payments described in Exhibit A hereto.

  • Lease Payment means any form of payment, including a land lease, by a public entity to the private entity for the use of a qualifying project.