Dry Run Property definition

Dry Run Property means collectively the Dry Run Fee Property and the Dry Run Leasehold Property. EBITDA: for any Person for any period, the Net Income of such Person for such period plus the sum of the following (to the extent deducted in the computation of such Net Income and without duplication): (a) depreciation expense and cost depletion; (b) amortization expense; (c) Interest Expense; (d) Borrower Taxes (but, if there is a net tax benefit, such tax benefit shall be deducted from Net Income in calculating EBITDA); and (e) such other nonrecurring expenses as the Majority Lenders may approve.

Related to Dry Run Property

  • Common Property means any and all real and personal property and easements and other interests therein, together with the facilities and improvements located thereon, now or hereafter owned by the Association for the common use and enjoyment of the Owners.

  • Fuel burning equipment means equipment whose primary purpose is the production of energy or power from the combustion of any fuel. The equipment is generally used for, but not limited to, heating water, generating or circulating steam, heating air as in warm air furnace, or furnishing process heat by transferring energy by fluids or through process vessel walls.

  • Mixed-use property means an eligible property that includes three or more residential units and may also contain a commercial property component in the same building.

  • Contractor-acquired property means property acquired, fabricated, or otherwise provided by the Contractor for performing a contract, and to which the Government has title.

  • Property, Plant and Equipment means any item of real property, or any interest therein, buildings, improvements and machinery.

  • Operating Property means any property owned, leased, or operated by the Party in question or by any of its Subsidiaries or in which such Party or Subsidiary holds a security interest or other interest (including an interest in a fiduciary capacity), and, where required by the context, includes the owner or operator of such property, but only with respect to such property.

  • UNIMPROVED REAL PROPERTY means Property in which the Company has an equity interest that was not acquired for the purpose of producing rental or other operating income, that has no development or construction in process and for which no development or construction is planned, in good faith, to commence within one (1) year.

  • School property means in or within any building, structure, athletic playing field, playground, parking lot or land contained within the real property boundary line of a public elementary or secondary school, or in or on a school bus, as defined in Vehicle and Traffic Law §142.

  • Project Property means the real property on or for which preconstruction service or construction work is or will be provided.

  • Common Properties means and refer to those areas of land shown on any recorded subdivision plat of The Properties and intended to be devoted to the common use and enjoyment of the owners of The Properties.

  • Retail Property means a Property improved with a building or buildings the substantial use of which is retail space, which may include a Property that is part of a Mixed-Use Property.

  • Hotel Property means a Property on which there is located an operating hotel.

  • Substitute Property shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.6 hereof.

  • Contaminated site means a site where there is a confirmed presence, caused by man, of hazardous substances of such a level that they pose a significant risk to human health or the environment taking into account current and approved future use of the land;

  • Improved Property means any property within the municipality upon which there is a structure intended for continuous or periodic habitation, occupancy, or use by humans or animals and from which structure wastewater shall or may be discharged.

  • Excluded Real Property means (a) any fee-owned real property with a purchase price (in the case of real property acquired after the Effective Date) or Fair Market Value (in the case of real property owned as of the Effective Date, with Fair Market Value determined as of the Effective Date) of less than $3,500,000 individually, (b) any real property that is subject to a Lien permitted by Sections 6.02(iv), (xix), (xxii), (xxiii), (xxviii) or (xxxi), (c) any real property with respect to which, in the reasonable judgment of the Term Administrative Agent (confirmed by notice to the Borrower) the cost (including as a result of adverse tax consequences) of providing a Mortgage shall be excessive in view of the benefits to be obtained by the Lenders, (d) any real property to the extent providing a mortgage on such real property would (i) be prohibited or limited by any applicable law, rule or regulation (but only so long as such prohibition or limitation is in effect), (ii) violate a contractual obligation to the owners of such real property (other than any such owners that are the Borrower or Affiliates of the Borrower) that is binding on or relating to such real property (other than customary non-assignment provisions which are ineffective under the Uniform Commercial Code) but only to the extent such contractual obligation was not incurred in anticipation of this provision or (iii) give any other party (other than the Borrower or a wholly-owned Restricted Subsidiary of the Borrower) to any contract, agreement, instrument or indenture governing such real property the right to terminate its obligations thereunder (other than customary non-assignment provisions which are ineffective under the Uniform Commercial Code or other applicable law) and (e) any Leasehold.

  • Condominium Property means the lands, leaseholds, and personal property that are subjected to condominium ownership, whether or not contiguous, and all improvements thereon and all easements and rights appurtenant thereto intended for use in connection with the condominium.

  • Underground facility means any item which shall be buried or placed below ground for use in connection with the storage or conveyance of water, sewage, electronic, telephone or telegraphic communications, electric energy, oil, gas or other substances, and shall include, but not be limited to pipes, sewers, conduits, cables, valves, lines, wires, manholes, attachments and those portions of poles and their attachments below ground.

  • Subject Property means any premises located in the County on which an energy efficiency improvements, water efficiency improvements, or renewable resource applications are being or have been made and financed through an outstanding PACE loan.

  • Commercial property means property formerly or currently used primarily for business, retail, governmental or professional purposes.

  • Landlord Personal Property Collateral Access Agreement means a Landlord Waiver and Consent Agreement substantially in the form of Exhibit K with such amendments or modifications as may be approved by Collateral Agent.

  • DOCPROPERTY DocID" \* MERGEFORMAT 22518942.2 238213-10001 MAIA BIOTECHNOLOGY, INC. 2021 EQUITY INCENTIVE PLAN NON-QUALIFIED STOCK OPTION AGREEMENT THIS AGREEMENT made as of ___________ __, 2021 [insert date on which Committee grants the Option] (the “Grant Date”), by and between Maia Biotechnology, Inc. (the “Company”), and ____________________ (the “Optionee”).

  • Property Owner Association Property means, for each Fiscal Year, any property within the boundaries of IA No. 1 that was owned by a property owner association, including any master or sub-association, as of January 1 of the prior Fiscal Year.

  • Joint Property means property that is owned by 2 or more persons with rights of survivorship, and includes a tenancy by the entireties in real property, a tenancy in personal property as provided in section 1 of 1927 PA 212, MCL 557.151, a joint tenancy, a joint tenancy with rights of survivorship, and a joint life estate with contingent remainder in fee. For purposes of this part, joint property is considered to consist of a present interest and a future interest. The future interest is the right of survivorship.

  • Excluded Personal Property means, collectively, (a) all of the personal property of Master Lessee (including, without limitation, all inventory and equipment, but excluding any items that constitute fixtures), (b) any licenses or other intellectual property relating to the trade names “Toys ‘R’ Us” or “Babies ‘R’ Us” and (c) any personal property of third-party Tenants under Subleases. For purposes of this definition, the terms “inventory”, “equipment” and “fixtures” shall have the meaning set forth in the Uniform Commercial Code in effect in the State of New York, except that the term “fixtures” shall specifically include, but not be limited to, and the terms “inventory” and “equipment” shall specifically exclude, all HVAC equipment, elevators, escalators and lighting together with all equipment, parts and supplies used to service, repair, maintain and equip the foregoing.

  • Rental Property means a hotel room, vacation home, or other rental property You booked for Your stay during Your Trip.