Downstream definition

Downstream means carrying a transmission from the Headend to remote points on the Cable System or to Interconnection points on the Cable System.
Downstream means the direction of flow when only the public water supply is supplying water through the customer water system and backflow is not occurring.
Downstream means the minerals supply chain from smelters/refiners to retailers. “Downstream companies” include metal traders and exchanges, component manufacturers, product manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and retailers. The Guidance recommends, among other things, that downstream companies identify, to the best of their efforts, and review the due diligence process of the smelters/refiners in their supply chain and assess whether they adhere to due diligence measures put forward in this Guidance. Downstream companies may participate in industry-wide schemes that assess smelters/refiners’ compliance with this Guidance and may draw on the information these schemes provide to help them fulfil the recommendations in this Guidance.

Examples of Downstream in a sentence

Any Downstream Prohibition(s) – whether the engagement may result in the contractor gaining information which may raise level playing field issues in a future procurement and result in the inability of such contractor to participate in a future procurement Fixed-PriceAn Authorized User Agreement shall be awarded on a fixed-price basis only.

Downstream activities from the results or products may or may not be financed by the Bank.

This poor performance resulted from lower Upstream earnings which was adversely impacted by the tightening of location differentials between Canada and the US despite the higher crude and natural gas liquids (“NGL”) realised prices, as well as lower Downstream performance due to narrower heavy-light differentials, and lower throughput in US refinery segment.

III.7.2 Downstream traceability of the finished products The check of the downstream traceability of the finished products focused on the lot 201862 of BI targeted in the upstream abovementioned test.

Gahtan, Visual Prey Capture in Larval Zebrafish Is Controlled by Identified Reticulospinal Neurons Downstream of the Tectum.

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Downstream means located after the automatic milk flow safety device in a high temperature short time (HTST) flow-diversion device.
Downstream means locations in the receiving waters below (downstream of) a point of waste
Downstream means the direction of flow toward the water pollution treatment/control facility.
Downstream means Harvest's petroleum refining and marketing segment operating under the North Atlantic trade name, comprised of a medium gravity sour crude hydrocracking refinery with a 115,000 bbls/d nameplate capacity and a marketing division with 64 gasoline outlets, a retail heating fuels business and a commercial and wholesale petroleum products business, all located in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador;
Downstream means issuers that refine and process energy resources, including but not limited to natural gas, propane, crude oil, and petrochemical and feedstocks.
Downstream means the direction along the CAP System towards the CAP Terminus.
Downstream means the metal supply chain from the stage following the smelters and refiners to the final product;