Downslope definition

Downslope means the land surface between the projected outcrop of the lowest coalbed being mined along each highwall and a valley floor.
Downslope means the land surface below the projected outcrop of the lowest coalbed being mined along each highwall.

Examples of Downslope in a sentence

  • Downslope Property Line - That portion of the property line of the lot, tract, or parcels of land being developed located such that all overland or pipe flow from the site would be directed toward it.

  • Downslope Property Line - That portion of the property line of the lot, tract, or parcels of land being developed located such that all overland or piped flow from the site would be directed toward it.

  • Downslope" means the land surface between the projected outcrop of the lowest coalbed being mined along each highwall and a valley floor.

  • Downslope of the level spreader, there shall be a one to three inch drop followed by a transition zone that shall be protected from erosion by aggregate or high performance turf reinforcement matting.

  • Selig moved for summary judgment on the contract claims asserting several grounds including that the evidence conclusively established (1) her nondisclosure agreement with Anubis did not restrict the information Anubis provided her regarding the Downslope projectand (2) the unsigned letter of intent was not binding on her.

  • Downslope Filter Strips and Buffers: Clean the dirty water draining downhill from a heavy use area by letting it slowly filter through a wide strip of living plants.

  • When the disturbed area is stabilized, the erosion control measures may be removed.4) Downslope, public storm sewer inlets shall be protected with erosion control measures.5) All building materials waste shall be properly managed and disposed of to prevent pollutants and debris from being carried off the site by runoff.Maintenance of Erosion Control Practices1) All erosion control practices must be inspected weekly or 24 hours after a rainfall event of 0.5 inches or greater.

  • The soil and site evaluation is not required for applications proposing only the replacement of sewage tanks.

  • Only one email contained the word “confidentially” and the substance of that email was not information, but rather speculation by Brownlee about twenty popular actors he thought might be interested in the Downslope project.It is also undisputed that the Kubrick estate is the rights holder to both the Downslope script and the project.

  • The email Selig then sent to one of her contacts, and on which both Lanning and Hobbs were copied, included the Downslope script and information about the budget, production, and casting with no mention of confidentiality.

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