DLF definition

DLF means a number that is a representation for all net electric energy losses or avoided losses, as filed by SCE at FERC, associated with the transmission of electric energy through the electric system from the high voltage side of the Generating Facility’s substation bus bar to the interface with the CAISO-Controlled Grid, also known as the distribution loss factor.
DLF means a factor determined by the Transmission Provider and applied to the Generating Facility’s power output to account for transmission or distribution system electrical losses between the Generating Facility’s output transformers and the CAISO Controlled Grid.
DLF means the Department of Livestock and Fisheries of the MAF, and any successor thereto;

Examples of DLF in a sentence

  • Approach any of Our branch offices or contact Our customer services group at the Head Office at Aviva Life Insurance Company India Limited, Aviva Tower, Sector Road, Opposite Golf Course, DLF- Phase V, Sector- 43, Gurgaon-122003 (Haryana).

  • Off.: 318, DLF Magnolias, Sector-42, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon – 122002, HaryanaCorp.

  • Now do the same for the DLF (our example is $0.69 X 60 cwt = $41.40).

  • Add the BLHS total (our example is $6,845), the OLF (our example is $34.20), the DLF ($41.40), and the SH ($250.17) and multiply this by the InvdLHS (our example is .43).2.

  • This gives you the applicable linehaul factor for OLF and DLF, both are needed to compute the LHS (our example is OLF - $0.57 per cwt and DLF - $0.69 per cwt).

  • The decision made by DLF will be communicated to the concerned person/group/community in writing.

  • OLF and DLF are an additional linehaul component that accounts for varying transportation costs associated with each SA.

  • All grievances referred to DLF must be submitted in writing with action taken report.

  • The DLF will hear the grievance within three weeks of its referral.

  • The DLF, PLF and PMU shall meet depending on number cases referred to it.

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