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Divide or "Division" means the partitioning or splitting of a parcel or tract of land by the proprietor thereof or by his/her heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, successors or assigns, for the purpose of sale or lease of more than one year, or of building development that results in one or more parcels of less than 40 acres or the equivalent, and that satisfies the requirements of Sections 108 and 109 of the Land Division Act (MCLs 560.108 and 560.109). "Divide" and "Division" does not include a property transfer between two or more adjacent parcels, if the property taken from one parcel is added to an adjacent parcel; and any resulting parcel shall not be considered a building site unless the parcel conforms to the requirements of the Land Division Act, or the requirements of other applicable local ordinances.
Divide or "division" means the act by operation of law by
Divide or 'division' means a transaction in which a domestic insurer divides into two

Examples of Divide in a sentence

  • Divide (1) by (2).NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 42238.07 and 52064, Education Code.

  • Divide all of your subscribers into subscriber groups depending on information on that copy, and attach it to the DSE schedule.their location.

  • Divide the nonvolatile volume percent obtained with the methods by 100 to calculate volume fraction of coating solids.

  • Divide (1) by (2).(b) “Middle School dropout rate” shall be calculated as set forth in California Code of Regulations, title 5, Section 1039.1. (c) “High school dropout rate” shall be calculated as follows: (1) The number of cohort members who dropout by the end of year 4 in the cohort where “cohort” is defined as the number of first-time grade 9 pupils in year 1 (starting cohort) plus pupils who transfer in, minus pupils who transfer out, emigrate, or die during school years 1, 2, 3, and 4.

  • Divide the statewide geometric mean charge for each DRG by the weighted average charge for all DRGs to derive the Iowa-specific weight for each DRG.

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Divide or “division” means a transaction in which a domestic stock insurer splits into two or more resulting domestic stock insurers.
Divide or “division” means a transaction in which
Divide means, with respect to any Person that is an entity, the dividing of such Person into two or more separate Persons, with the dividing Person either continuing or terminating its existence as part of such division, including as contemplated under Section 18-217 of the Delaware Limited Liability Company Act for limited liability companies formed under Delaware law, or any analogous action taken pursuant to any other statute with respect to any corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or other entity.
Divide shall have a meaning correlative to the foregoing.
Divide shall have the corresponding meaning.
Divide or "division" means a transaction in which a domestic insurer divides into two or more resulting insurers;