Disturbed definition

Disturbed means any alteration of the topsoil of the land whether the alteration is for the purpose of exploring for coal or commercial leonardite, or for the purpose of carrying out an actual mining operation.
Disturbed means any alteration of the surface or subsurface of any lands subject to a lease or encumbrance with the board.
Disturbed means any area that has had its natural state altered by the action or interference of carrying out an activity associated with the exploration project.

Examples of Disturbed in a sentence

  • Disturbed soil shall be feathered into the woods and not left in berms or windrows.4.1.7 - Road closure (10/11)All new roads built into the sale must be blocked to vehicle traffic upon completion of the sale.

  • Disturbed soil shall be feathered into the woods and not left in berms or windrows.

  • Plans for highway construction projects will include erosion control sheets that depict Disturbed Drainage Areas (DDAs) and related information.

  • Site map – Project layout sheet plus the erosion control sheets in the project plans that depict Disturbed Drainage Areas (DDAs) and related information.

  • Disturbed or damaged work shall be replaced or repaired to its prior conditions, as required by Section 01 00 00, GENERAL REQUIREMENTS.

More Definitions of Disturbed

Disturbed means any alteration of the topsoil of the land whether the alteration is for
Disturbed means any use of land that results in a change in the natural cover or topography. This may include the grading, digging, cutting, scraping, compaction, or excavation of soil, placement of fill materials, paving, construction, substantial removal of vegetation, or any activity which bares soil or rock or involves the diversion or piping of any natural or man-made watercourse. Routine maintenance of landscape areas is not included as "land disturbance."
Disturbed means excavated, re-graded, removed, physically relocated, uncovered or exposed as part of a construction or earth-moving activity.
Disturbed is defined as the following: if a neighbor can hear you and your activities become a source of complaint. By signing this Lease, Xxxxxx understands and agrees that all of the other tenant residents at the property are people who require a very quiet environment (e.g., serious students, doctors, scientists or working professionals). Accordingly, Tenant shall ensure that the volume of music, TV’s and all other noise shall not be heard by any other neighboring tenants. Tenant is prohibited from hosting parties in the Apt. or on the property with more than 10 people without first getting Xxxxxx Xxxxxx’x permission. Note, large social gatherings, such as graduation parties, may be permitted, but only by coordinating through Lessor to ensure that neighbors have received proper warning and consideration. Tenant shall immediately comply with all requests from neighbors to turn down the volume of music or reduce noise levels. Tenant understands that this is an important term of this lease and agrees to fully comply. Xxxxxx always encourages tenants to work out and resolve problems amongst themselves. The City of Evanston has a very strict Disturbing The Peace Ordinance. Tenants will pay any fines if they are cited by the Police for Disturbing The Peace. Property Manager Landlord may charge Tenant $100/incident—in the form of additional Rent—for breaches of this important Lease term. 1026GP1R/2R, 1026GP1F/B and 1103GP1A/B residents share forced air heat/duct system know sound travels through the ductwork, which makes it especially important that these residents live quietly to prevent disturbing neighbors.
Disturbed means any alteration of the topsoil resulting from a mining operation.
Disturbed. , but in its psychological use means „insane‟. It is a more polite term than the Afrikaans word for mad, „mal‟.
Disturbed means, with respect to a monument, moved from its original position.