Disputed invoices definition

Disputed invoices. The Authority may withhold payment of an invoice or part of an invoice if:
Disputed invoices. If Owner disputes an invoice, either as to amount or entitlement, then Owner shall promptly advise Engineer in writing of the specific basis for doing so, may withhold only that portion so disputed, and must pay the undisputed portion subject to the terms of Paragraph 4.01.
Disputed invoices. If NSW RFS, in good faith, disputes the accuracy of any invoice, NSW RFS shall, prior to the due date for payment of that invoice, give notice of that fact to the Supplier. That notice must state the basis of the dispute and give relevant supporting details. NSW RFS will pay any undisputed portion of an invoice, notwithstanding that it may dispute other portions of the invoice. If the parties do not resolve the dispute within 20 Business Days of the date of the notice, the dispute shall be determined in accordance with the Dispute Procedure.

Examples of Disputed invoices in a sentence

  • Disputed invoice(s) shall not be considered due until the dispute has been resolved or the relevant invoice(s) corrected.

  • Disputed invoices shall be returned to Consultant within ten (10) working days of receipt.

  • Disputed invoices will be immediately returned to the Contractor no later than the 21st day after the invoice is received.

  • Also included relevant changes to the Privacy Act 1988 and additional resources relating to the management of complaints.

  • Subject to clause7.7 (Disputed invoices) and clause 14.1(a), any dispute or difference arising between the parties out of or in connection with this Agreement must be resolved in accordance with this clause 14.

  • Disputed invoices shall be dealt with in accordance with the Dispute Resolution Procedure.

  • Disputed invoices, payments, credits or other amounts will be rejected, challenged or short paid (as applicable) with appropriate explanation of the discrepancy.

  • Disputed invoices will not become due and payable until such dispute has been resolved to the mutual satisfaction of the parties.

  • Disputed invoices will be paid no later than sixty (60) days after the dispute is resolved.

  • Disputed invoices should be notified in writing as soon as reasonably possible but no later than thirty (30) calendar days after the relevant invoice date, identifying clearly the disputed part of an invoice and the reasons why it is challenged.

Related to Disputed invoices

  • Disputed Item has the meaning set forth in Section 2.3(b).

  • Disputed Items has the meaning set forth in Section 2.3(b).

  • Valid Invoice means an invoice containing the detailed information set out in clause C2 (Payment and VAT).

  • Proper Invoice means a written request for Payment that is submitted by a Contractor setting forth the description, price or cost, and quantity of goods, property or services delivered or rendered, in such form, and supported by such other substantiating documentation, as NYSERDA may reasonably require, including but not limited to any requirements set forth in Exhibits A or B to this Agreement; and addressed to NYSERDA’s Controller, marked “Attention: Accounts Payable,” at the Designated Payment Office.

  • Invoice means a Contractor’s claim for payment. At the Agency’s discretion, claims may be submitted on an original invoice from the Contractor or may be submitted on a claim form acceptable to the Agency, such as a General Accounting Expenditure (GAX) form.

  • Disputed means, with respect to any Claim or Interest, any Claim or Interest that is not yet Allowed.

  • Tax Invoice means the document as required by Section 20 of the VAT Act, as may be amended from time to time;

  • Reconciliation Dispute has the meaning set forth in Section 7.9 of this Agreement.

  • Disputed Interest means the interest determined in any case under the provisions of the Income-tax Act, 1961, where—

  • Billing Dispute means the dispute of an invoice prepared by an Operator to the Other Operator which is made in good faith.

  • Disputed Amounts has the meaning set forth in Section 2.04(c)(iii).

  • Invoices means Consumption Invoices, Reconciliation Invoices or invoices in respect of any other Charges due to us from you pursuant to this Supply Contract;

  • Disputed Claim means any Claim, proof of which was timely and properly filed, and (a) which is listed on the Schedules as unliquidated, disputed, or contingent, and which has not been resolved by written agreement between the Debtors and the Claimant or by an order of the Bankruptcy Court, (b) which is subject to a dispute to the extent that the Debtors or the Reorganized Debtors have asserted a claim against the holder of the Disputed Claim, or (c) as to which the Debtors have interposed a timely objection or request for estimation in accordance with the Bankruptcy Code and the Bankruptcy Rules, which objection or request for estimation has not been withdrawn or determined by a Final Order. Prior to the filing of an objection to a Claim, or the expiration of the time within which to object to such Claim set forth in the Plan or otherwise established by order of the Bankruptcy Court, for purposes of the Plan, a Claim shall be considered a Disputed Claim if (x) the amount of the Claim specified in the proof of Claim exceeds the amount of the Claim scheduled by the Debtors as other than disputed, contingent or unliquidated, or (y) the Claim is not listed on the Schedules.

  • Bill Dispute Notice means the notice issued by a Party raising a Dispute regarding a Monthly Bill or a Supplementary Bill issued by the other Party;

  • Disputed Amount means an amount which Customer disputes. A Disputed Amount may relate to the whole or part of an invoice(s).

  • Undisputed Amounts has the meaning set forth in Section 2.04(c)(iii).

  • Notice of Dispute has the meaning provided in Section 2.1(f)(iii) of this Commercial Shared-Loss Agreement.

  • Disagreement means a difference of opinion between personnel of a reporting issuer responsible for finalizing the reporting issuer’s financial statements and the personnel of a predecessor auditor responsible for authorizing the issuance of audit reports on the reporting issuer’s financial statements or authorizing the communication of the results of the auditor’s review of the reporting issuer’s interim financial report, if the difference of opinion

  • Monthly Invoice means an invoice issued in accordance with section 21 by MDL or the Incentives Pool Trustee to a Shipper or Welded Party for all Charges payable in respect of the previous Month by that Shipper or Welded Party, together with any outstanding amounts in respect of any Month prior to the previous Month.

  • Relevant Dispute means any difference between the parties arising out of or in connection with this contract;

  • Account Statement in relation to any Account, means the statement of account issued by us in respect of the Account.

  • Technical Dispute has the meaning specified in Section 12.2;

  • Notice of Disagreement shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.5(b).

  • Tax Dispute means any dispute arising in connection with this Agreement.

  • Billing Statement has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.18(g).

  • Disputed Claims Reserve means a reserve of Cash that may be funded on or after the Effective Date pursuant to Article VII.E hereof.