Diligent definition

Diligent has the meaning set out in the Order Form.
Diligent means, a man should be fully concentrated while pursuing his task or objective. Do his work with utmost efforts, shows his complete skills, abilities and capabilities and never let the remissness and weariness to divert his attention from his assignment.
Diligent means a constant and persistent commitment to duty, and applies to an individual volunteer. This is the same meaning used to describe the qualification for the National Medal awarded after 15 years ‘diligent’ service.

Examples of Diligent in a sentence

  • Diligent pursuit is defined as completion of the project within the approved construction schedule.

  • Diligent exercise of reasonable skills and care in performance of the agent's duties.

  • Diligent efforts will be made to restore reputations of persons alleged to have engaged in misconduct when allegations are found not to be supported.

  • Diligent exercise of reasonable skills and care in performance of the agent’s duties.

  • All remedies available to Diligent, including the ability to obtain injunctive relief, will apply to such Client Affiliates, and Client will reasonably assist Diligent in enforcing Diligent’s rights and remedies against such Client Affiliates.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, the Content Services and any components, data, or content therein constitute a part of the Diligent Service under this Agreement.

  • Provided that in the event any avoidance of double taxation treaty is applicable to such payments, Diligent and Client shall cooperate to obtain the full benefit of such treaty.

  • Ownership of all work product, developments, inventions, technology or materials related to any Professional Services (the “Deliverables”) shall be solely owned by Diligent (except with respect to Client Data, which shall remain Client’s sole property).

  • In the event that any withholding taxes are payable under any applicable law in respect of any payment due to Diligent under this Agreement, Client shall gross up such payment such that the balance payable to the Diligent after deduction of the applicable withholding taxes shall be equivalent to the original amount due to Diligent.

  • Diligent will take reasonable security measures with respect to the storage and transmission of Client Data.

More Definitions of Diligent

Diligent. good faith”, “prudent”, “motivated”, “practicable”, and “relevant commercial factors”.
Diligent means a ‘steady, earnest, attentive, and energetic application and effort in a pursuit’; as so defined, a ‘diligent’ inquiry is consistent with the legislative objective of § 39- 11-128, to afford record owners an opportunity to redeem real property before it is lost through a treasurer’s deed.” Schmidt, 874 P.2d at 450 (quoting Parkison v. Burley, 667 P.2d 780, 782 (Colo.
Diligent means “having or showing care and conscientiousness in one’s work or duties.” THE NEW OXFORD DICTIONARY 478 (2001).
Diligent. Diligently" and "Diligence" means the degree of effort employed by a party hereto consistent with the exercise of good business judgment, which with respect to Continuous Product Research Program, Research Program, Development Programs and commercialization of Licensed Products, shall not be less than the degree of effort accorded projects or products of similar commercial value which result from the party's own research and/or development and commercialization activities, nor less than customary in current industry practice for projects or products of similar commercial value (unless otherwise specifically agreed to in writing by the parties). If a minimum spending level is specified, such minimum will be the maximum spending level needed to meet the financial component of any Diligence.
Diligent means “to hasten, to make haste, to be eager to do something, to be zealous, making every effort, to be diligent, to be serious, earnest”

Related to Diligent

  • professional diligence means the standard of skill and care that a Member would be reasonably expected to exercise towards a Client, commensurate with-

  • Due Diligence At any time prior to the Closing Date, the Underwriters have the right to inspect the Asset Files and the related loan origination procedures and to confirm the existence of the related manufactured homes or mortgaged properties to ensure conformity with the Final Prospectus and the Prospectus Supplement.

  • best means most effective in achieving a high general level of protection of the environment as a whole.

  • working time means any period during which the worker is working, at the employer’s disposal and carrying out his activity or duties, in accordance with national laws and/or practice;

  • Knowledge means actual knowledge after reasonable investigation.

  • Commercially Reasonable means sound and prudent practices in a manner commercially reasonable for an onshore Product gathering system operator and in a manner consistent with industry standards at the applicable point in time.

  • Commercially Reasonable Efforts means: (a) where applied to carrying out specific tasks and obligations of a Party under this Agreement other than development, manufacture or commercialization of a Product, expending reasonable, diligent, good faith efforts and resources to accomplish such task or obligation as a similarly situated pharmaceutical or biotechnology company (on its own or acting through any of its Affiliates, sublicensees or subcontractors) would normally use to accomplish a similar task or obligation under similar circumstances; and (b) where applied to the development, manufacture or commercialization of a Product, those reasonable efforts and resources customarily used by such Party with respect to a similar pharmaceutical product Controlled by such Party, which product is at a similar stage in its development or product life and is of similar market potential in the applicable market taking into account efficacy, safety profile, labeling, the then-current and expected competition in the applicable market, the likely timing of entry into the market, the expected extent and speed of market penetration, the patent and other proprietary position of the Product, the likelihood of regulatory approval given the regulatory structure involved, the profitability of the Product, including the cost of manufacture, royalties payable to licensors of patent or other intellectual property rights, alternative products and other relevant factors and other scientific, clinical or commercial factors. With respect to subpart (b) of this definition, Commercially Reasonable Efforts shall be determined on a market-by-market and indication-by-indication basis for a particular Product, and it is anticipated that the level of effort shall be different for different markets and different indications, and shall change over time, reflecting changes in the status of the Product and the market(s) and indication(s) involved.

  • Reasonable and Prudent Operator means a person seeking, in good faith, to perform its contractual obligations and, in so doing and in the general conduct of its undertaking, exercising that degree of skill, diligence, prudence and foresight which would reasonably and ordinarily be expected from a skilled and experienced operator complying with all applicable Legal Requirements engaged in the same type of undertaking in similar circumstances and conditions;

  • Reasonable Distance means a distance that has regard to the Doctor’s original work location, current home address, capacity of the Doctor to travel, additional travelling time, effects on the personal circumstances of the Affected Doctor, including family commitments and responsibilities and other matters raised by the Doctor, or assistance provided by their Health Service.

  • Reasonable suspicion means a basis for forming a belief based on specific facts and rational inferences drawn from those facts.

  • Reasonable Efforts means, with respect to any action required to be made, attempted, or taken by an Interconnection Party or by a Construction Party under Tariff, Part IV or Tariff, Part VI, an Interconnection Service Agreement, or a Construction Service Agreement, such efforts as are timely and consistent with Good Utility Practice and with efforts that such party would undertake for the protection of its own interests. Regional Entity:

  • Reasonable in these circumstances means ‘using no more force than is needed’. The use of force may involve either passive physical contact, such as standing between pupils or blocking a pupil’s path, or active physical contact such as leading a pupil by the arm out of the classroom. Departmental advice for schools is available here

  • Deafness means a hearing impairment that is so severe that the student is impaired in processing linguistic information through hearing, with or without amplification, that adversely affects a student’s educational performance.