Definition of Dig-Tess

Dig-Tess means the Dig-Tess Center, a damage prevention service, and TESS, the Texas Excavation Safety System, Inc.

Examples of Dig-Tess in a sentence

The formula will be: Method 1 percentage X FISD annual invoice totals for Dig-Tess = Total for Method 2 Method 3: Annual Pole Attachment Fee Costs The FISD pays pole attachment fees to franchise utility providers each year.
The City willed be invoiced an amount equal to the Method 1 percentage times the Dig-Tess amount that the FISD is invoiced annually.
The formula will be: COF miles of underground fiber Total miles of fiber in Fiber Maintenance contractor invoice X Total amount of Fiber Maintenance contractor annual maintenance invoice = Total for Method 1 Method 2: Annual Dig-Tess Costs The FISD is billed throughout the year for Dig-Tess requests.