Definition of Development Milestones

Development Milestones means, with respect to a given product, the diligence milestones for the development and commercialization of such product.

Development Milestones shall mean:

Development Milestones means as set forth in Clause 4.1 hereof.

Examples of Development Milestones in a sentence

Key Development Milestones Commit to a contract manufacturing strategy and vendor: On or before 3/15/97 2.
In addition, Licensee, by itself or through Affiliates or Sublicensees, shall meet each of the Development Milestones within the time periods set forth therein.
For all Development Milestones achieved, but subject always to satisfaction under Section 15.15 of the relevant Alliance Program Closing Condition, GSK shall promptly, but in no event more than thirty (30) days after notification of the achievement of each such Development Milestone, remit payment to Theravance for such Development Milestone.
If Licensee believes that it will not achieve one or more Development Milestones with respect to Licensed Products, it may notify Harvard in writing in advance of the relevant deadline.
In addition, Company, by itself or through its Affiliates or Sublicensees, shall achieve each of the Development Milestones within the time periods specified in Exhibit 3.1. In order for Company to satisfy a given Development Milestone, at least one Valid Claim of at least one Patent Right within each Patent Rights Category must Cover a Licensed Product that achieves such Development Milestone.