Denim definition

Denim means Denim Air B.V., a Dutch company and Affiliate of Seller.
Denim means Swift Denim Services, Inc., a Delaware corporation.

Examples of Denim in a sentence

  • Denim, flip flops/bare feet are not permitted and if worn, UoN reserves the right to oblige the member to leave the relevant UoN Sports Facility.

  • Denim is acceptable; however, no holes, frayed edges, and excessively worn jeans are permitted.

  • Denim, jeans, t-shirt or other casual clothes are not considered appropriate and are not allowed.

  • Garment Washed Cotton Denim 11.75 Oz. full cut with two front and two rear pockets and multiple tool pockets, 19” leg openings to accommodate work boots.

  • The following Items of Dress are unacceptable at all times: o Denim jeans and jackets.o Singlets, sleeveless or collarless shirtso Untailored shorts.o Sweaters without shirts.o Garments displaying slogans.o Track or Leisure suits.o Trainer shoes or runners.o Trouser legs must never be tucked into socks.o Shirts must be tucked inside trousers Smart casual dress is essential in the Clubhouse.

  • Currently the Indian Denim Industry is going through sluggish phase due to exponential capacity expansion which has created a time bound oversupply situation.

  • The Company and the Parent Company entered into the Old Cotton Yarn, Grey Fabric and Denim Supply Agreement on 17 October 2017, pursuant to which the Company agreed to supply or procure its subsidiaries to supply cotton yarn, grey fabric and denim to the Parent Group for the production of downstream cotton textile products for the period from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2020 (both days inclusive).

  • The sustainability leadership of these firms was a main reason for Denim Mill to participate in the PCRD project.

  • We focus specifically on a collaborative innovation project that Denim City initiated on post-consumer recycled denim (henceforth, PCRD).

  • Denim City found partners quickly due to their similar sustainability orientations, which provided alignment of interests in goal setting.

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