Definition of Deferrable Amount

Deferrable Amount means, for a given fiscal year of the Company, an amount equal to the sum of the Eligible Employee's (i) annual base cash compensation; (ii) annual cash payments under performance incentive and sales incentive plans of the Company in which an Eligible Employee participates and which may be identified by the Compensation Group from time to time as deferrable under this Plan; (iii) stock and stock-based awards under the Omnibus Plan which, under the terms of the Omnibus Plan and the award, are payable in cash and required or allowed to be deferred into this Plan; (iv) any special compensation payable to an Eligible Employee in connection with his or her initial employment with the Company or the acquisition by the Company of such person's previous employer (such as a retention bonus) and (v) to the extent applicable, any non-elective deferrals contributed to this Plan by the Company on behalf of an Eligible Employee (other than an ESOP/RSC Allocation or an Excess 401(k) Matching Allocation). Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Deferrable Amount shall not include (i) any amount that must be withheld from the Eligible Employee's wages for income or employment tax purposes or (ii) with respect to elections made during an Initial Enrollment Period, cash payments to an Eligible Employee under an annual incentive performance plan.
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Examples of Deferrable Amount in a sentence

Designating an individual as eligible to participate in the Plan for a particular Plan Year or with respect to a particular Deferrable Amount shall not require the Deferral Authority to designate such individual for any subsequent Plan Year or with respect to any subsequent Deferrable Amounts.
The Enrollment Period shall end prior to the first day of the service year with respect to the applicable Deferrable Amount.
The Deferral Authority in its sole discretion shall designate those Employees or Directors who are to be eligible to participate in the Plan with respect to Deferrals for a particular Plan Year or with respect to a particular Deferrable Amount or Amounts.
The form shall indicate (i) the amount and sources of Deferrable Amount to be deferred; (ii) whether deferral of annual base cash compensation is to be at the same rate throughout the year, or at one rate for part of the year and at a second rate for the remainder of the year; and (iii) the portion of the deferral to be credited to the Participant's Interest Account and Stock Account respectively.
An Eligible Employee may elect to defer receipt of all or any portion of his or her Deferrable Amount to his or her Interest Account and/or Stock Account.