Cutting tool definition

Cutting tool means, but is not limited to,
Cutting tool means, but is not limited to, hacksaw blade, wirecutter, or device, instrument or file capable of cutting through metal.

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  • Cutting tool material, Definition of machine tools, specification and block diagram of lathe, Shaper Drilling machine and grinder.

  • Cutting tool materials - essential properties, characteristics and applications of HSS, carbide(uncoated/coated), ceramic, diamond , CBN and newly developed cutting tools.

  • Safety Precautions of Gas welding and Arc Welding, Cutting and Finishing.Module 3 Machining and Finishing: Machining operations, Cutting tool Materials, Metal cutting operations, Advanced machining methods- ECM, EDM, USM, AJM.

  • A division of land accomplished by gift to a spouse, parent, grandparent, child, grandchild or sibling of the donor of the lot or parcel does not create a subdivision lot if the donor has owned the lot or parcel for a continuous period of 5 years immediately preceding the division by gift and the lot or parcel is not further divided or transferred within 5 years from the date of division.[PL 2001, c.

  • Cutting tool design by Rodin Mir publications.2. Metal cutting & Tool design by arshinov3.

  • Cutting tool life is the time a tool can be reliably and efficiently used for cutting before it must be discarded or repaired.

  • The limitations contained in Section 13.1(c) (Limit on Investment) above shall not apply to cash value Insurance Contracts taken out by the Trustee on the lives of key employees of the Company, the proceeds of which are payable to the Trust for the benefit of the Trust as a whole.

  • Cutting tool crater wear measurement with white light interferometry.

  • Azle and the Bank shall otherwise fully cooperate with Independent in the filing of any applications or other documents necessary to consummate the transactions contemplated by this Agreement, including the Merger.

  • WC Hard metal – R245-12 T3 N15 uncoated E-KL (H13)WC coated Hard metal Ti(C,N)+TiN/4 μm R245-12 T3 K20CuMgSiLubricant AlCBNCubic boron Figure 1: (A) Cutting tool and (B) tool holder dimensions.

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  • Logging tool means a device used subsurface to perform well-logging.

  • Process weight means the total weight of all materials introduced into any source operation. Solid fuels charged will be considered as part of the process weight, but liquid and gaseous fuels and combustion air will not.

  • Hand or measuring tools means those tools listed in Federal supply classifications 51 and 52, respectively.

  • Acupuncture means a form of health care developed from traditional and modern oriental medical concepts that employs oriental medical diagnosis and treatment, and adjunctive therapies and diagnostic techniques, for the promotion, maintenance, and restoration of health and the prevention of disease.

  • Foreground means the results, including information, whether or not they can be protected, which are generated under the project. Such results include rights related to copyright; design rights; patent rights; plant variety rights; or similar forms of protection;

  • FedRAMP means the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (see, which is an assessment and authorization process that federal government agencies have been directed to use to ensure security is in place when accessing Cloud computing products and services.

  • The Equipment/Product means all the hardware, it’s all components, associated software/firmware/operating software which the Vendor is required to supply to the Bank under the Contract.

  • Runway means a defined rectangular area on a land aerodrome prepared for the landing and take-off of aircraft;

  • Contractor Equipment means all appliances and things of whatsoever nature (other than temporary works) required for execution and completion of works and remedying of any defects, therein. But does not include plant, materials or other things intended to form or forming part of the permanent works.

  • Contractor Software means software which is proprietary to the Contractor, including software which is or will be used by the Contractor for the purposes of providing the Services.

  • Stack means any point in a source designed to emit solids, liquids, or gases into the air, including a pipe or duct but not including flares.

  • Smart Meter means a meter which tells us how much Energy you are using without us having to visit your home and which enables you to see how much Energy you are using;

  • Module means specific portion of the Application Software designated as such in the Documentation made available to the Customer under the Notification Form.

  • Overspray means the irrigation water which is delivered beyond the target area.

  • audiovisual work means a work that consists of a series of related images which impart the impression of motion, with or without accompanying sounds, susceptible of being made visible and, where accompanied by sounds, susceptible of being made audible;

  • End User means, in the event that the Services or Deliverables involve the use of any information systems, any and all UNICEF employees, consultants and other personnel and any other external users collaborating with UNICEF, in each case, authorized by UNICEF to access and use the Services and/or Deliverables.

  • The End-User means the authorized user of the equipment/the Medical Superintendent/Head of the Department of the concerned specialty.

  • Customer Equipment means any equipment including any Purchased Equipment and any software, other than BT Equipment, used by you in connection with a Service.

  • Customer Content means Content Customer or End Users load or use on the APEX Service. Customer Content does not include configuration, performance, and/or usage data that Dell collects in connection with the APEX Service.

  • Flashing sign means a sign which contains an intermittent or flashing light source or which includes the illusion of intermittent or flashing light by means of animation or an externally mounted light source but does not include an automatic changing sign or electronically controlled message centre;

  • Feed means feed as defined in point (4) of Article 3 of Regulation (EC) No 178/2002;

  • Supplier Software means software which is proprietary to the Supplier or its Affiliates which is used or supplied by the Supplier in the provision of the Services; Supplier Staff means all persons employed or engaged by the Supplier together with the Supplier's servants, agents, suppliers, consultants and Sub-Contractors (and all persons employed by any Sub-Contractor together with the Sub-Contractor’s servants, consultants, agents, suppliers and Sub-Contractors) used in the performance of its obligations under this Contract; Time and Materials means the pricing mechanism for the Services as may be agreed by the Parties and set out at paragraph Error: Reference source not found in the SOW; TUPE means the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (SI 2006/246) as amended or replaced or any other regulations or UK legislation implementing the Acquired Rights Directive; Velocity means the Metric which measures the total number of Story Points for Stories that have been accepted in a Sprint, indicating the rate of progress towards Acceptance of all Stories from the Product Backlog;

  • Filter means material placed in the useful beam to preferentially absorb selected radiations.

  • Sampler means a person who is employed by or is an owner of a licensed laboratory, grower, or processor and is authorized by that employer to collect samples in accordance with the testing laboratory's standard operating procedures and these Rules.

  • Derivative Work means a work based upon the Work or upon the Work and other pre-existing works, such as a translation, musical arrangement, dramatization, fictionalization, motion picture version, sound recording, art reproduction, abridgment, condensation, or any other form in which the Work may be recast, transformed, or adapted, except that a work that constitutes a Collective Work will not be considered a Derivative Work for the purpose of this License. For the avoidance of doubt, where the Work is a musical composition or sound recording, the synchronization of the Work in timed-relation with a moving image ("synching") will be considered a Derivative Work for the purpose of this License.

  • Grab sample means an individual sample collected in less than 15 minutes in conjunction with an instantaneous flow measurement.