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Cubic foot ofgas"shall meanthe amountof gas requiredtofilla cubicfoot of spacewhenthegasis at an absolutepressureoffourteenandseventy-threehundredths(14.73) pounds persquareinchat a temperatureof sixty(60)degrees Fahrenheit.
Cubic meter of Gas" or "m3" means the quantity of Gas which at a temperature of fifteen degrees Celsius (15C) and at a pressure of one hundred one and three hundred twenty-five one-thousandths (101.325) kPa absolute occupies one (1) cubic meter;
Cubic has the meaning indicated in the recitals hereof.

Examples of Cubic in a sentence

  • Cubic foot volume cannot be directly converted to cords or boards with precision.SALE VOLUMESThe total estimated sale volume may not equal the sum of the species/products due to the nature of statistical calculations associated with double sampling methodology.

  • Cubic foot volume includes all wood inside bark for the product indicated.

  • Cu. M/day or M3/day Cubic meters per day DO Dissolved oxygen kg/dayKilograms per daylbs/dayPounds per daymg/LMilligram(s) per litermL/LMilliliters per literMGDMillion gallons per dayNitrogen Total NTotal nitrogenNH3-NAmmonia nitrogen as nitrogenNO3-NNitrate as nitrogenNO2-NNitrite as nitrogenNO3-NO2Combined nitrate and nitrite nitrogen as nitrogenTKNTotal Kjeldahl nitrogen as nitrogenOil & GreaseFreon extractable materialPCBPolychlorinated biphenylSurfactantSurface-active agentTemp.

  • Specify the number of Twenty Equivalent Units (TEU) or the Metric Tonnage (MT) or the Cubic Tonnes (CT) or the number of passengers to be carried.

  • NRAs are stated in terms of U.S. Currency and or local currencies, as applicable, and apply per 1 Cubic Meter (M) or 1,000 Kilos (W), as indicated, whichever basis yields the greater revenue, except as otherwise specified.

  • The CFM requirements (Cubic Feet per Minute) determine the volume of air required to properly operate exhibitors equipment.

  • Cubic Contents 0.01 Cu.Mt. In recording dimensions of work, the sequence of length, width and height ( depth ) or thickness shall be followed.

  • I have reviewed this quarterly report on Form 10-Q of Cubic Energy, Inc.

  • Full Depth Repair when encountered on a bridge deck and marked in the field by the Engineer, full depth repair shall be paid for per Cubic Yard of Class M Concrete used.

  • Unit RM, mm, cum or CM, Sqm, Kg and Quintal or Qtl wherever mentioned in the tender documents denotes the unit, Running Metre, Millimetre, Cubic Metre, Square Metre, kilogram and Quintal respectively.

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Cubic footofgas" shallmeanthe amountof gas requiredtofill a cubicfoot of spacewhenthegas is at an absolutepressureof fourteenandseventy-thraehundredths(14.73) pounds persquareinchat a temperatureofsixty(60) degreesFahrenheit.
Cubic means Cubic Corporation, a Delaware corporation.

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  • Cubic Foot and "Standard Cubic Foot" shall mean that quantity of natural gas that occupies one cubic foot of volume at the Volumetric Measurement Base defined in Section 26.2 of the General Terms and Conditions.

  • Gallon means a U.S. gallon of 231 cubic inches at sixty degrees Fahrenheit (60ºF) and equilibrium vapor pressure.

  • MMcf means one million cubic feet.

  • Psia means pounds per square inch absolute.

  • Ton means a ton of two thousand two hundred and forty (2,240) lbs. net dry weight;

  • tons means the gross tonnage calculated in accordance with the tonnage measurement regulations contained in Annex I of the International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships, 1969; the word “tonnage” shall be construed accordingly.

  • Psig means pounds per square inch gauge.

  • Barrel means a volume of forty-two (42) United States Gallons at sixty degrees (60°) Fahrenheit and zero (“0”) gauge pressure if the vapor pressure of the petroleum is at or below atmospheric pressure, or at equilibrium vapor pressure if the vapor pressure of the petroleum is greater than atmospheric pressure.

  • Dekatherm (dt) shall mean on million British Thermal Units and is synonymous to the term MMBTU.

  • Cubic foot of gas means the amount of gas required to fill a cubic foot of space when the gas is at an absolute pressure of fourteen and seventy-three hundredths (14.73) pounds per square inch at a temperature of sixty (60) degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Pressure means the total load or force per unit area acting on a surface.

  • Diameter means the greatest dimension of the cherry measured at right angles to a line running from the stem end to the blossom end.

  • Tonne means metric tonne (1000 Kilograms).

  • Density means the permitted number of dwelling units per

  • Finished water means the water that is introduced into the distribution system of a public water system and is intended for distribution and consumption without further treatment, except as treatment necessary to maintain water quality in the distribution system (e.g., booster disinfection, addition of corrosion control chemicals).

  • Backpressure means a pressure (caused by a pump, elevated tank or piping, boiler, or other means) on the consumer's side of the service connection that is greater than the pressure provided by the public water system and which may cause backflow.

  • kWh means kilowatt-hour.

  • Pound means an avoirdupois pound.

  • MMBtu means one million British Thermal Units.

  • Reid vapor pressure means the vapor pressure of crude oil or other volatile petroleum products measured at 100 degrees Fahrenheit and at a 4:1 V/L ratio as determined by the latest edition of ASTM D6377: Standard Test Method for Determination of Vapor Pressure of Crude Oil, and reported as the Reid Vapor Pressure Equivalent (RVPE) as described in appendix X1 using equation X1.1 for unpressurized 1-liter sample containers.

  • Btu means British thermal unit.

  • Cubic Metre means the volume of gas which occupies one cubic metre when such gas is at a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, and at a pressure of 101.325 kilopascals absolute;

  • British thermal unit or "Btu" means the amount of heat

  • CO2 means carbon dioxide.

  • True vapor pressure means the equilibrium partial pressure exerted by a petroleum liquid as determined in accordance with methods described in American Petroleum Institute (API) Bulletin 2517, Evaporation Loss from External Floating Roof Tanks, 1980. The API procedure may not be applicable to some high viscosity or high pour crudes. Available estimates of true vapor pressure may be used in special cases such as these.

  • Bbl means a standard barrel containing 42 United States gallons.