Convent definition

Convent means a house or set of buildings occu- pied by a community of clergy or nuns devoted to religious life under a superior.
Convent means a house or set of buildings occupied by a

Examples of Convent in a sentence

  • Rudy, Virtual Pilgrimages in the Convent: Imagining Jerusalem in the Late Middle Ages (Turnhout: Brepols, 2011), 58-92; For the influence of the Franciscan library in Jerusalem see Brefeld, A Guidebook for the Jerusalem Pilgrimage, and more recently the work of Michele Campopiano, “Islam, Jews, and Eastern Christianity in Late Medieval Pilgrim’s Guidebooks: Some examples from the Franciscan Convent of Mount Sion,” Al-Masaq 24, no.

  • One wonders if he received the honest answer—that it was because of drunkenness: Farnborough Abbey, Thorpe to Thorpe, April 5, 1783; Thorpe to Dalton, November 6, 1786; WWTN, BA057, BA145; English Convent, Bruges, MS CX, “Annals, Vol.

  • Convent or monastery.Dwelling, duplex.Dwelling, single family detached.

  • Convent or monastery, provided it is on the same piece of property as the church or house of worship.

  • Thorpe took a keen interest in any proposed trans-Atlantic developments, commenting to Ann Housman two years later, “God grant the proposal for founding a Convent of Theresians in Maryland may succeed.

  • S.No.Name of the Convent/InstitutionAmount1Sisters of St. Bridgitine, Premagiri10002Satya Seva Sisters, Madikkara15003St. Ann’s Convent, Bethemcherla10004St. Ann’s School, Bethemcherla10005St. Ann’s Convent,Kurnool-0210006St. Ann’s Seva Sadan Convent, Gopavaram26507St. Ann’s Convent, Anantapur34008St. Ann’s Hostel, Anantapur5009St. Ann’s Jr College for Girls, Anantapur70010St. Mary’s Jr College & Hostel Pasupala,Knl-021000011Rev.

  • Joji Reddy,Bishop’s House, Knl-02100012Vimala EM High School, Yerraguntla1500013Pushpa Nivas Convent, Yerraguntla120014Vimala EM High School, Govindapalle200015Sanjoe EM High School, Dhone3000016San Johannes Convent, Alur100017CTC Provincialate, Venkayapalle300018SJT Krupanilayam, Venkayapalle250019Rev.

  • Convent or monastery.Dwelling, patio home.Dwelling, single family detached.

  • The garden of the Convent is a place which holds countless memories and tells the story of the Minimes, men and women devoted to contemplation and botany.

  • In 1960 he was appointed chaplain to the Holy Rosary Sisters Convent in Killeshandra, Co Cavan, where his duties involved regular lectures to the Sisters in formation.

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