Convenience Retail definition

Convenience Retail means a retail outlet serving the day-to-day, non-comparison shopping needs of a consumer including, for example, a variety store, bake shop, drug store or small food/grocery store, and shall also include a florist, photo depot (no processing on site) and video film outlet, but except for a video film outlet, shall not include any retail outlet having its main product line involving hardwares, housewares, apparel, footwear or fashion accessories.
Convenience Retail means the offering for sale of merchandise commonly found in newsstands, including, but not limited to newspapers, candy, gum, snacks, magazines, limited hardback and paperback books, single serving bottled/canned/boxed beverages, and souvenirs. Convenience retail outlets may not offer food prepared on premises, except brewed coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, subject to the approval of Authority on a case-by-case basis. Sale of pre- prepared sandwiches, salads, etc., will also be considered on a case-by-case basis and subject to Authority’s approval.
Convenience Retail means the offering for sale of merchandise commonly found in newsstands, including, but not limited to newspapers, candy, gum, snacks, magazines, paperback books and souvenirs.

Examples of Convenience Retail in a sentence

  • Car Wash, Eating Establishment and Convenience Retail uses are not permitted as accessory uses to a Gas Station.

  • Commercial uses allowed on these properties shall be consistent with Convenience Retail uses as defined in Section 3.01.02 (C) (17) of the Lake County Land Development Regulations, as amended.

  • Richard Pearson will leave the role of Executive General Manager, Convenience Retail, in March 2019.

  • Upon completion of the analysis set forth in this Section, the FH&EO Division shall prepare a memorandum to the Housing Director, Attention: MHR, setting forth all findings and stating whether the application is acceptable or unacceptable.

  • In particular, Places of Worship in Business Corridor, certain Industrial areas where Secondary Plan designations permit a mix of commercial and lighter industrial uses, and Convenience Retail designations would be restricted to uses which perform an “incubator” function, and as such would be very limited in size.

  • The Immigration Services acquired such authorisation to decide on short-stay visas by way of a Ministerial Decree of 22 June 2009 (Belgian Official Gazette of 3 July 2009).42 See the IS 2010 Annual Report,, p.

  • Small Storefront Retail Business Parking Exemption: New select "retail" non-residential business uses defined in section 62.140 as either Restaurants (Standard or Fast food), Personal Service uses, Convenience Retail uses or Retail Trade containing no more than two thousand (2,000) square feet of "floor area" as defined in section 63.422, subd.

  • The required accessory off-street parking for "retail" uses that are defined by section 62.140 as Restaurants (Standard or Fast food), Personal Service uses, Convenience Retail uses or Retail Trade may be reduced an additional ten percent.

  • The amendment clarifies that the first 2,000 square feet of General Retail floor area is exempt from providing parking and extends the first 2,000 square foot exemption to Convenience Retail.

  • For the MD and CEO’s scorecard, the additional objectives included Fuels and Infrastructure strategic objectives (15%, focusing on growth in profitable fuels volume and profitable M&A ventures), Convenience Retail strategic objectives (15%, focusing on Retail EBIT, the Franchisee transition project, and Convenience Development growth metrics) and a People Capability objective (10%, with Succession, Capability and Diversity targets).

More Definitions of Convenience Retail

Convenience Retail means the retail sale of those goods often acquired on a day-to-day basis and includes, but is not limited to, the sale of prepared and fresh foods, beverages, personal care items, periodical publications, and may include lottery tickets.
Convenience Retail means a retail use which generally requires convenient, adjacent on- site parking, and in which goods are rented or sold or services are provided for household and personal uses and are not for resale.

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  • Utility Charges charges or fees in respect of consumption of the Utilities used at the AENP Xxxx Braai Facility as provided by SANParks, the Relevant Authority or any other supplier; 2.1.99 “Variable PPP Fee” - that portion of the PPP Fee that is a percentage of the Gross Revenue of the Private Party, which percentage is detailed in Clause 19 and Schedule 6; 2.1.100 “VAT” - value added tax, as defined in the VAT Act or any similar tax which is imposed in place of or in addition to such tax; and 2.1.101 “VAT Act” - Value Added Tax Act, No. 89 of 1991, as amended form time to time.

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  • Tobacco retailer means any Person who sells, offers for sale, or does or offers to exchange for any form of consideration, tobacco, Tobacco Products or Tobacco Paraphernalia. “Tobacco Retailing” shall mean the doing of any of these things. This definition is without regard to the quantity of Tobacco Products or Tobacco Paraphernalia sold, offered for sale, exchanged, or offered for exchange.

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  • Utilities means public sanitary and storm sewers, natural gas, telephone, public water facilities, electrical facilities and all other utility facilities and services necessary for the operation and occupancy of the Property as a hotel.

  • Cannabis retailer means any licensed person or entity that purchases or otherwise obtains usable cannabis from cannabis cultivators and cannabis items from cannabis manufacturers or cannabis wholesalers, and sells these to consumers from a retail store, and may use a cannabis delivery service or a certified cannabis handler for the off-premises delivery of cannabis items and related supplies to consumers. A cannabis retailer shall also accept consumer purchases to be fulfilled from its retail store that are presented by a cannabis delivery service which will be delivered by the cannabis delivery service to that consumer.

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  • Electric generation service means the provision of retail

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