Contractual Documents definition

Contractual Documents means all documents setting forth Consultant and Authority obligations and responsibilities and includes, but is not limited to, the RFP, the Proposal, this Agreement, any Amendments and addenda, and all exhibits and schedules attached to such documents.
Contractual Documents means in the order of precedence, the Contract Agreement including all annexes and its distributed copies.
Contractual Documents means all documents setting forth the obligations and responsibilities of the Consultant and the Authority that includes, but is not limited to, the Request for Proposals, the Technical Proposal, this Agreement, the Scope of Services, any Amendments and addenda.

Examples of Contractual Documents in a sentence

Warranties of Goods: The Supplier hereby represents and warrants to Sartorius that: - The quantity, quality and description of the Goods and all components, raw materials and related work shall be as specified herein, in the Order and/or in any applicable agreement, Specification or drawing supplied Sartorius to the Supplier or agreed in Writing by Sartorius, or as described in the Particular Conditions and/or Other Contractual Documents.

In order to guarantee Sartorius a certain security and avoid all cease of deliveries, the Supplier agrees and commits itself to maintain a security stock in its factory premises of the Goods listed in the Order issued by Sartorius, and in conformity with the terms listed in the Particular Conditions and/or Other Contractual Documents.

If the Authority determines that any Service delivered is unacceptable, in quality, timeliness, or any other condition, due to error, omission or failure to comply with requirements of the Contractual Documents, the Consultant shall correct and revise the unacceptable Services under the Authority’s direction at no cost to the Authority.

This Agreement and all other Contractual Documents, and any and all litigation arising therefrom or related thereto, shall be governed by the applicable laws, regulations and rules of the State of New Jersey without reference to conflict-of-laws principles.

The Consultant shall not assign or transfer its obligations, privileges or rights under the Contractual Documents without the prior written consent of the Authority.

More Definitions of Contractual Documents

Contractual Documents means the Agreement and the Securities and all documents relating to it.
Contractual Documents means the Articles of Association of the Buyer, the Completion Loan Note Instrument, Gary Williams’ Resignation Letter, the Sellers’ pre-registration powers of attorney, the Service Agreement Variations, the stock transfer forms in respect of the Shares, the Put Agreements, the Deeds of Surrender and Termination, the Disclosure Letter and the Supplemental Disclosure Letter;
Contractual Documents means the Offer of Participation (including your Acceptance) and these Terms and Conditions;
Contractual Documents means the documents to be applied to and complied with in the frame of each CONTRACT including the CONTRACT, the GENERAL CONDITIONS, TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS and anyadditional document as agreed between the PARTIES.
Contractual Documents. : means, taken together and in descending order of prominence, the
Contractual Documents means all Agreements and all Attachments.
Contractual Documents means all contracts, agreements, protocols and written agreements related directly or indirectly to the Project Activities.