Construction Easement definition

Construction Easement means an easement in the form attached hereto as Exhibit K.
Construction Easement means the easement in favour of the Authority in connection with the carrying out by the Authority of construction of a new pedestrian bridge over Pittwater Road granted pursuant to clause 2.

Examples of Construction Easement in a sentence

  • Absolutely no piling of construction materials or any other material, including dirt, sand, etc within 25 feet of center of track or on property of the Railroad not covered by Construction Easement or Contractor's Permit/Lease.

  • The Warranty Deed and the Temporary Construction Easement will facilitate construction of the pedestrian ramps.

  • Takings are to be described as Fee, Public Drainage Easement, Public Storm Water Management Easement, Slope Easement, Water Easement, Sewer Easement, Temporary Construction Easement, or as otherwise necessary and appropriate combination easements.

  • If refusal would adversely affect the construction of the project, then a Temporary Construction Easement should be used and the engineer should be prepared to testify in court as to necessity.

  • Agreements for Temporary Construction Easement from multiple owners and land in connection with the Oakland Road NE and Old Marion Road NE from Center Street to Regent Street Pavement Reconstruction project.

  • The Warranty Deed and the Grant of Temporary Construction Easement will facilitate construction of the project.

  • The Commission also notes that the combined sales of Porcelanas Principado and Porvasal — EUR 13,3 million — are an insignificant percentage of European sales in the tableware/ornamental ceramics sector (EUR 2,7 billion according to Cerame-Unie).

  • Following final grading and initial seeding of the Construction Easement Area and acceptance by the City, the City will be responsible for ongoing vegetation management, including weed control, mowing, and reseeding, as needed, in areas disturbed and seeded in accordance with this paragraph.

  • Prior to July 1, 2009 students could meet the CLAS requirement by taking the CLAST (College Level Academic Skills Test) exam, or the alternative methods of ACT, SAT, or coursework.

  • The estate(s) or interest(s) needed is/are as follows (indicated by an “X”): Fee interest (new right-of-way) Square Feet Underlying fee interest (existing rights-of-way) Square Feet Easement (new right-of-way) Square Feet Easement Square Feet Temporary Construction Easement Square Feet Square Feet C.

More Definitions of Construction Easement

Construction Easement means the Development and Construction Easement to be agreed upon by the parties as set forth in Section 4.7 of this Agreement.
Construction Easement means the Grant of Temporary Construction Easement, dated as of August 21, 2003, by WP&L for the benefit of Borrower.

Related to Construction Easement

  • Utility easement means a right held by a facility operator to install, maintain, and access an underground facility or pipeline.

  • Conservation easement means a nonpossessory interest of a holder in real property imposing limitations or affirmative obligations the purposes of which include retaining or protecting natural, scenic, or open-space values of real property, assuring its availability for agricultural, forest, recreational, or open-space use, protecting natural resources, maintaining or enhancing air or water quality, or preserving the historical, architectural, archaeological, or cultural aspects of real property.

  • Easement Agreement means any conditions, covenants and restrictions, easements, declarations, licenses and other agreements which are Permitted Encumbrances and such other agreements as may be granted in accordance with Section 19.1.

  • Construction Agreement means the proposed building agreement between the Company and a proposed builder substantially in the form of the draft agreement a copy of which has been signed on behalf of the Authority and the Company for the purposes of identification;

  • Construction Plant means all machinery, appliances or things of whatsoever nature, required for the execution, completion or maintenance of the works, but does not include material or other things, intended to form or forming part of the permanent works.

  • Easement Area means the area which is hatched on the plan.

  • Construction project means any work carried out in connection with the construction, alteration, conversion, fitting-out, commissioning, renovation, repair, maintenance, refurbishment, demolition, decommissioning or dismantling of a structure where the cost of the work is $250 000 or more;

  • construction site means a workplace where construction work is being performed;

  • Residential construction means construction on single-family or two-family dwellings occupied or used, or intended to be occupied or used, primarily for residential purposes, and includes real property pursuant to chapter 499B.

  • Ground Lease means a lease creating a leasehold estate in real property where the fee owner as the ground lessor conveys for a term or terms of years its entire interest in the land and buildings and other improvements, if any, comprising the premises demised under such lease to the ground lessee (who may, in certain circumstances, own the building and improvements on the land), subject to the reversionary interest of the ground lessor as fee owner. With respect to any Mortgage Loan where the Mortgage Loan is secured by a Ground Leasehold estate in whole or in part, and the related Mortgage does not also encumber the related lessor’s fee interest in such Mortgaged Property, based upon the terms of the Ground Lease and any estoppel or other agreement received from the ground lessor in favor of Mortgage Loan Seller, its successors and assigns (collectively, the “Ground Lease and Related Documents”), Mortgage Loan Seller represents and warrants that:

  • The Project Site, where applicable, means the place or places named in the SCC.

  • Lease Agreement means the bargain, with respect to the lease, of the lessor and the lessee in fact as found in their language or by implication from other circumstances including course of dealing or usage of trade or course of performance as provided in this article. Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the term includes a sublease agreement.

  • Space Lease The space or occupancy lease pursuant to which any Borrower holds a leasehold interest in the related Mortgaged Property, together with any estoppels or other agreements executed and delivered by the lessor in favor of the lender under the related Mortgage Loan(s).

  • Construction Agreements means agreements to which Tenant is a party for Construction Work, rehabilitation, alteration, repair, replacement or demolition performed pursuant to this Lease.

  • Building construction means any physical activity on the site involved in the erection of a structure, cladding, external finish, formwork, fixture, fitting of service installation and the unloading of plant, machinery, materials or the like.

  • Construction Contract is defined in the preamble.

  • Landlord Agreement means an agreement substantially in the form provided by Lender to Borrower or such other form as Lender may agree to accept.

  • Condominium Declaration means the Declaration of Condominium for NetApp RTP Phase I Condominium recorded in Book 012647, Page 01310, Wake County, North Carolina Registry.

  • Constructional Plant means all equipments, materials, appliances or things of whatsoever nature required for execution, completion or maintenance of the works (as hereinafter defined) but does not include materials or other things intended to form or forming part of the permanent work.

  • Construction Management Agreement means the Construction Management Agreement dated as of May 3, 1999 between BNPLC and NAI, as such Management Agreement may be extended, supplemented, amended, restated or otherwise modified from time to time in accordance with its terms.

  • Redevelopment Agreement or “Agreement” means that certain Redevelopment Agreement dated as of , between the City and the Developer, as may be amended from time to time.

  • Parcel of land means the aggregate of one or more areas of land described in a certificate of title or described in a certificate of title by reference to a plan filed or registered in a land titles office;

  • Sublease Agreement shall have the meaning specified in Section 8.2(b).

  • Construction Work means all necessary action for the development, construction, renovation, furnishing, equipping and implementation of the Plans and Designs for the Hotel.

  • Project site, where applicable, means the place indicated in bidding documents.

  • Construction Works means all works and things necessary to complete the Project in accordance with this Agreement;