Consisting of definition

Consisting of means excluding any element, step, or ingredient not specified in the
Consisting of means that all and only the elements recited must be present. A four-blade razor would not infringe a patent for a razor consisting of three blades.
Consisting of means “made up or composed of”.

Examples of Consisting of in a sentence

The Town of Barnstable without invalidating the Contract may order Changes in the Work Consisting of additions, deletions, or modifications, the Contract Sum and the Contract Time being adjusted accordingly.

Consisting of some or all of the securities listed above, in any combination, including common stock, preferred stock, debt securities, warrants and units.

The Applicant must provide to the Corporation by the Application Deadline sealed package(s) containing three (3) printed copies of the final Uploaded Application (Consisting of the Complete Online Submission Package) with all applicable attachments, as outlined in Section Four, with each copy housed in a separate 3-ring binder with numbered divider tabs for each attachment.

Consisting of BF+GF+4 and above Upper Floors.For all the cases where Development Plan is approved by Bangalore Development Authority (Computerized).3Who is to be approached for this service (Designated Officer)?CEO, ELCITA.4Procedure involved to get this servicei.

Consisting of DD drawings, outline specifications, and other documents to fix and describe the size and character of the entire Project as to site, architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical systems, materials and such other elements as may be appropriate.