Conservation Fund definition

Conservation Fund means the Fund referred to in condition 21.
Conservation Fund means the Squam Lakes Association Conservation Fund, constituted and governed in accordance with Article IX above.
Conservation Fund means, at any given time, (i) unless replaced pursuant to Section 6.3, the initial entity to be funded by BIC satisfying all the requirements described in Exhibit B, or (ii) any Qualifying Conservation Entity that has replaced the previous Conservation Fund pursuant to Section 6.3.

Examples of Conservation Fund in a sentence

  • The attention of the Contractor is called to the provisions of the Acts of Congress known as the “Land and Water Conservation Fund Act”, the “Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act”, the “Federal Aid in Fish Restoration Act”, the “Boating Safety Act”, the “Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act “, the “Clean Water Act” and amendments thereto, and any other acts of congress providing for fish and wildlife of conservation improvements.

  • The parties agree that the Premises are to be operated and maintained for public outdoor recreation purposes, in compliance with applicable provisions of the Land and Water Conservation Fund acts, regulations, and guidelines.

  • For example, courts have held that annual appropriations to the Land and Water Conservation Fund must be used where there is a land condemnation judgment against the U.S. Park Service.

  • To the Department of Agriculture from revenues and reserves available to the following programs: (a) Agricultural Resources Conservation Fund pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 67-4-409(l).

  • Indication of the source of funding (Conservation Fund, Community Preservation Act Fund, general fund, borrowing, etc.).

  • Adoption of this plan and its subsequent acceptance by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WisDNR) allows for continued eligibility for financial assistance from the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LAWCON), the Stewardship Fund, and many other federal and state funding programs.

  • Approves the filing of an application for the Habitat Conservation Fund Program; and 2.

  • In response to this need, the people of California voted to enact the California Wildlife Protection Act of 1990, Chapter 9, Fish and Game Code (FGC) § 2780 through 2799.6, which largely defines the Habitat Conservation Fund (HCF) Program.

  • As Government funds involve public money, there is high public expectation on the recipient organisations of grants from the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) to adhere to a high standard of integrity and spend the funds in an open, fair and accountable manner.

  • In the event the NPS provides Land and Water Conservation Fund assistance for the acquisition and/or development of property with full knowledge that the project is subject to reversionary rights and outstanding interests, conversion of said property to other than public outdoor recreation uses as a result of such right or interest being exercised will occur.

More Definitions of Conservation Fund

Conservation Fund has the meaning set forth in the Conservation Funding “Conservation Funding Agreement” has the meaning set forth in the preliminary
Conservation Fund means an entity (as described in Section 2.13(a)) that may be funded by the Initial Lender to, among other things, support conservation management activities in the Jurisdiction.
Conservation Fund means Sustainable Conservation, Inc., a Maryland corporation.
Conservation Fund means the fund under s.25.29.

Related to Conservation Fund

  • Administration Fund means the Administration Fund established by the Fiscal Agent pursuant to Section 4.01 hereof.

  • Construction Fund means an account specifically identified in the Indenture to hold funds which are currently available for expenditure to acquire or construct public facilities eligible under the Act.

  • Bond Fund means the Bond Fund created in the Indenture.

  • Project Fund means the fund required to be established by this Resolution for the deposit of the proceeds of the Bonds.

  • Insurance Fund means the pest control insurance fund established pursuant to this compact.

  • the Skipton Fund means the ex-gratia payment scheme administered by the Skipton Fund Limited, incorporated on 25th March 2004, for the benefit of certain persons suffering from hepatitis C and other persons eligible for payment in accordance with the scheme’s provisions;

  • Special Allocation Fund means the Kingsway Commercial Redevelopment Area Special Allocation Fund, created by the Approving Ordinance in accordance with the TIF Act, into which TIF Revenues are from time to time deposited in accordance with the TIF Act and this Agreement.

  • Compensation Fund means the fund maintained by the Society pur- suant to Sections 21 and 22 (as substituted, respectively, by Sections 29 and 30 of the Act of 1994) of the Act of 1960;

  • Professional Fee Escrow Account means an interest-bearing account funded by the Debtors with Cash on the Effective Date in an amount equal to the Professional Fee Amount.

  • General account means all of the assets of an insurance company except those allocated to one or more separate accounts.

  • Revenue Fund means the fund so designated in, and created pursuant to, Section 502 hereof.

  • Debt Service Fund means the fund so designated in, and created pursuant to, Section 502 hereof.

  • Acquisition Fund means any company formed with the intent to offer securities to the public and use the proceeds to consummate one or more Business Combinations which are unspecified at the time of the securities offering.

  • Principal Reserve Fund The separate Eligible Account created and initially maintained by the Trustee pursuant to Section 3.05(c) in the name of the Trustee for the benefit of the Holders of the Class P Certificates and designated "The Bank of New York in trust for registered holders of CWALT, Inc., Alternative Loan Trust 2007-HY9, Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2007-HY9." Funds in the Principal Reserve Fund shall be held in trust for the Holders of the Class P Certificates for the uses and purposes set forth in this Agreement.

  • Insurance Proceeds Account has the meaning given to such term in the Accounts Agreement.

  • Insurance Account shall have the meaning set forth in Section 8.6 hereof.

  • Operating Account means a demand deposit account maintained at the Funding Bank in Borrower's name and designated for funding that portion of each Eligible Loan not funded by a Warehousing Advance made against that Eligible Loan and for returning any excess payment from an Investor for a Pledged Loan or Pledged Security.

  • Surplus Fund means the fund by that name established pursuant to the Second Resolution.

  • Project Account means the account referred to in Section 3.04 (a) of this Agreement;

  • Proceeds Account means a bank account of the Issuer, into which the Net Proceeds from the Initial Bond Issue will be transferred and which has been pledged in favour of the Agent and the Bondholders (represented by the Agent) under the Proceeds Account Pledge Agreement.

  • Escrow Account The separate account or accounts created and maintained pursuant to Section 4.06.

  • Capital Reserve Fund means the reserve fund created and established by the Authority in

  • General Subaccount has the meaning specified in Section 8.02(a) of the Indenture.

  • Reserve Fund means the fund so designated in, and created pursuant to, Section 502 hereof.

  • Superannuation Fund means the Local Government Superannuation Scheme.

  • Non-Fund means any corporation, business trust, partnership, trust or other entity which is not an Investment Company.