Conducts definition

Conducts means a specified activity which occurs when a person owns, promotes, sponsors, or operates a game or activity. A natural person does not conduct a game or activity if the person is a participant in a game or activity which complies with this chapter.
Conducts means a person initiated, concluded, or participated in initiating or concluding a transaction.

Examples of Conducts in a sentence

  • Conducts audits and analyzes findings to develop appropriate corrective action recommendations.

  • Conducts activities regulated by: (a) a Board member, or (b) an employee or by the Board member or another employee directing that employee;4.

  • Conducts contractually required tasks, such as personnel management, submittal of approval requests, and invoice submission, in a timely, compliant, and accurate manner.

  • Conducts research and ensures the use of proper technical terminology.

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  • Peterson, “Navy Conducts First Sea-Based Terminal Phase Missile Defense Test,” Inside the Navy, May 29, 2006; and Jeremy Singer, “Sea-Based Terminal May Boost U.S. Missile Defense Capability,” Space News (, June 12, 2006.

  • See also Dan Taylor, “Navy Conducts Aegis BMD Test, New Baseline System Participates,” Inside the Navy, August 3, 2009; Daniel Wasserbly, “US Aegis BMD System Achieves Trial Success,” Jane’s Defence Weekly, August 5, 2009: 8.

  • Conducts an onsite quality assessment, if the Provider is not accredited.

  • Provided free crematorium services for any resident who died due to COVID-19 through the Project Damayan.f. Conducts regular disinfection and decontamination in specific areas.g. Monitoring of entry and exit restrictions and mobile markets through social media.h. Passed an ordinance waiving all regulatory fees for private schools until face-to-face classes are allowed.

  • Conducts project meetings and is responsible for project tracking and analysis.

Related to Conducts

  • Conduct or "course of conduct" means a single act, two or more acts, a single instance of an action not being taken or of forbearance given, two or more instances of an action not being taken or of forbearance given, or any combination of the foregoing.

  • Engage means to make any arrangement, and "engagement" means arrangement, whereby an individual is employed or retained for compensation to act for or on behalf of an employer to influence executive agency decisions or to conduct any executive agency lobbying activity;

  • Business has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.

  • Business Activities shall be any business activities conducted by Buyer, Seller, SNB, or any of their Affiliated Companies, which consist of commercial or consumer loans and extensions of credit, letters of credit, commercial and consumer deposits and deposit accounts, securities repurchase agreements and sweep accounts, cash management services, money transfer and xxxx payment services, internet or electronic banking, automated teller machines, XXX and retirement accounts, commercial or consumer mortgage loans, and commercial or consumer home equity lines of credit. For purposes of this Agreement, the “Restricted Area” means each and any county where the Buyer, SNB, Bank or any of their Affiliated Companies (i) operates a banking office at the Effective Time, or (ii) has operated a banking office within the preceding 12 months. Nothing in this Section 2(d) shall prohibit Director from acquiring or holding, for investment purposes only, less than five percent (5%) of the outstanding securities of any company or business organization which may compete directly or indirectly with Seller, Buyer, SNB, or any of their Affiliated Companies. Nothing in this Agreement shall prohibit a Director or any of such Director’s Affiliated Companies from continuing to hold outstanding securities of an entity that engages in Business Activities in excess of five percent (5%); provided that such securities were held by the Director or any of such Director’s Affiliated Company as of the date of this Agreement.

  • Businesses means, at any time, a collective reference to the businesses operated by the Borrower and its Subsidiaries at such time.

  • Engaging in business means commencing, conducting, or continuing in business, and liquidating a business when the liquidator thereof holds itself out to the public as conducting such business. Making a casual sale is not engaging in business.

  • Business activity means that term as defined in section 3(2) of the former single business tax act, 1975 PA 228, or in section 105 of the Michigan business tax act, 2007 PA 36, MCL 208.1105.

  • Activities has the meaning specified in Section 7.02(b).

  • Operated means the activity of being involved in the day-to-day management of a business.

  • Restricted Geographic Area means (i) each and every State of the United States of America in which the Company is manufacturing or selling any of its products or services at the time Executive's employment ends; and (ii) each and every country in which the Company is manufacturing or selling any of its products and services at the time Executive's employment ends. However, if the Competitor has separate divisions, business units or segments, some of which are not competitive with the business of the Company, nothing herein shall prohibit Executive from being employed by or working for only that segment of the business that is not competitive with the business of the Company, provided Executive's work does not involve any products or services that compete with the Company's products and services;

  • Micro Business - means a company which meets one of the following criteria: consumes less than 293,000 kWh of gas a year, or consumes less than 100,000 kWh of electricity a year, or has fewer than ten employees (or their full-time equivalent) and an annual turnover or annual balance sheet total not exceeding 2m.

  • Competitive Activities means any business activities in which the Company or any other member of the Company Group engage (or have committed plans to engage) during the Term of Employment, or, following termination of Employee’s employment hereunder, was engaged in business (or had committed plans to engage) at the time of such termination of employment.

  • Controlled unaffiliated business means a company:

  • Locality means the county where the physical work upon

  • Company Business means any business in which the Company or any Subsidiary or other Affiliate is: (x) engaged in during the term of the Grantee’s Business Relationship; or (y) any business in which the Company or any Subsidiary or other Affiliate has undertaken material substantive steps to engage within the twelve (12) month period prior to such Termination, so long as with respect to both prongs (x) and (y) of this sentence, the Grantee had responsibilities with respect to, or Confidential or Proprietary Information about, such business (or anticipated business) prior to the Termination. Without limiting the foregoing, the Company Business shall be deemed to include the well completion and servicing business (including, without limitation, hydraulic fracturing, coiled tubing, pressure pumping, wireline, cementing, pressure testing, pump-down, perforating, pipe recovery and other complementary services), petroleum engineering services (including without limitation services in connection with hydraulic fracture stimulation and reservoir engineering), directional drilling and production services.

  • food business means any undertaking, whether for profit or not and whether public or private, carrying out any of the activities related to any stage of production, processing and distribution of food;

  • Economic activities shall in principle include activities of an industrial, commercial and professional character and activities of craftsmen;

  • Other Business(es means any business activity we or our Affiliates engage in, other than the licensing of the Hotel.

  • Geographic Area means the three digit zip code in which the service, treatment, procedure, drugs or supplies are provided; or a greater area if necessary to obtain a representative cross-section of charge for a like treatment, service, procedure, device drug or supply.

  • Branch business means any insurance business transacted by a branch captive insurance company in this State.

  • Activity means the rate of disintegration or transformation or decay of radioactive material. The units of activity are the becquerel (Bq) and the curie (Ci).

  • Competitive Business Activity means:

  • regulated business means a business which is required to be licensed under one or other of the regulatory laws;

  • Associated Business means a business that owns at least 50% of and controls, directly or indirectly, an authorized business.

  • Business organization means an individual, partnership, association, joint stock company, trust, corporation or other legal business entity or successor thereof.

  • Restricted Activities means and includes the following: