Concurrently definition

Concurrently means that both deficits in intellectual functioning and deficits in adaptive behavior have to exist at the same time.
Concurrently means that this benefit runs at the same time as other types of leave for which a faculty member may be eligible (i.e., is notin addition to” those leaves).
Concurrently means at the same time, simultaneously.

Examples of Concurrently in a sentence

Concurrently with the selection of the commencement date for the 20-Day Demonstration, Seller shall select which Generating Units will be the Generating Units for the Capacity Demonstration Test, if applicable.

Concurrently with the delivery of any Financial Statements pursuant to Section 8.3(c) or 8.3(d) above, Holdings shall report, on a quarterly basis, the status of all applications for Required Approvals.

Concurrently with the execution of this Agreement, Subcontractor shall, if required by Contractor as noted in Exhibit A, execute a labor and material bond and performance bond, in an amount equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the Contract Price.

Concurrently with the issuance of such Notes, the Trustee will cause the aggregate principal amount of the applicable Restricted Global Notes to be reduced accordingly, and the Company will execute and the Trustee will authenticate and deliver to the Persons designated by the Holders of Definitive Notes so accepted Unrestricted Definitive Notes in the appropriate principal amount.

Insurance Requirements: Concurrently with the execution of the Contract, the Contractor shall furnish the City of Buckeye a certificate of insurance on a standard insurance industry ACORD form.