Conceptual Plans definition

Conceptual Plans means the preliminary plans, site drawings and cost estimates for the Project.
Conceptual Plans means the renderings and plans defined in the recitals of the Contract, as may be changed in accordance with the Development Contract and the Construction Loan Agreement.
Conceptual Plans means the conceptual design plans, carrying forward the Feasibility Plans into more detailed plans and specifications and illustrating the scale and relationship of the various Facility components, which shall contain square footage and volume calculations for the building interior spaces, the general layout, location of general and specific areas, building exterior spaces, major architectural and interior finishes and such additional plans and information as are reasonably required for commencement of the design development design phase of the Facility.

Examples of Conceptual Plans in a sentence

  • Developer may implement changes to the Conceptual Plans from time to time.

  • Any Material Change to the Conceptual Plans are subject to DDA's consent, which may not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned, or delayed.

  • A set of Revised Conceptual Plans will then be submitted, along with a digital copy to the MPM.

  • Conceptual Plans will be developed according to the MAB guidelines.

  • Developer will in writing request DDA’s consent to a Material Change to the Conceptual Plans.

  • Since the new sidewalk may impact sensitive resources that could affect decision making, the plans should depict the anticipated impacts to natural and cultural resources on the Conceptual Plans.

  • The design of the Town Green Mixed-Use Project as shown in the Conceptual Plans complies with all Applicable Laws.

  • After acceptance of the Conceptual Plans by the Town, the Consultant will proceed with submitting documentation necessary to obtain the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) permit, which for this project is expected to be a Categorical Exclusion Document.

  • In addition, storm water treatment should be addressed on the Conceptual Plans.

  • The agreed to resolutions will then be incorporated into the Conceptual Plans.

More Definitions of Conceptual Plans

Conceptual Plans means the depictions, drawings and other printed information attached to this Agreement as Schedule 1B. The Conceptual Plans are provisional in nature and meant to act as background for negotiating the Final Master Plans and Fundamental Agreements. Neither Party is bound to specific details of the Conceptual Plans (e.g. number and size of units or parking spaces) except as may be further negotiated in the Fundamental Agreements or Final Master Plans.
Conceptual Plans means the Conceptual Plans described in Section 7.1 hereof.
Conceptual Plans shall include a color board with samples of finish materials and colors, and cut sheets of furniture, decorative fixtures, elevations, interior floor plans and other esthetic design components. The Administration requires Lessee and its Sublessees to enhance the passenger experience through the quality of artful design and shall require Lessee and Sublessee to be prepared to review and discuss specific elements about their submitted design concepts. Conceptual Plans shall be submitted by Sublessees to Lessee for its written review and approval no later than thirty (30) days after execution of their Sublease. After its review and comment, Lessee shall submit three
Conceptual Plans means preliminary plans, developed to the 30% stage of completion (PI level), that convey the basic intent and parameters of the project (i.e. number of lanes, pavement widths, pedestrian / bicycle provisions, entrance locations, intersections, etc.). The design may need to be developed by the Preliminary Design Team to a greater level (>30%) of detail to establish right-of-way needs, utility relocations and environmental impacts, but the amount of detail depicted on the advertised plans should reflect only a 30% level of design, leaving the final design details to the Design-Builder.

Related to Conceptual Plans

  • Development Plan means that information and those requirements for a development set forth in section 16.

  • layout plan means a plan of the project depicting the division or proposed division of land into plots, roads, open spaces, amenities, etc. and other details as may be necessary;

  • Specifications means the Specifications of the Works included in the Contract and any modification or addition made or approved by the Project Manager.

  • Annual Plan means the written summary a services coordinator completes for a child who is not enrolled in waiver or Community First Choice state plan services. An Annual Plan is not an ISP and is not a plan of care for Medicaid purposes.

  • Submittals means all shop drawings, diagrams, illustrations, brochures, schedules, samples, and other data which are prepared by the Contractor, a Subcontractor, manufacturer, Supplier, or distributor, which illustrate how specific portions of the Work shall be fabricated or installed.

  • Plans means all maps, drawings, sketches and layout as incorporated in the Contract in order to define broadly the scope and specifications of the work & works and all reproductions thereof.

  • Redevelopment Plan means the “Lincoln Center Redevelopment Plan” passed, adopted and approved by the City pursuant to the Resolution, and shall include any amendment of said Redevelopment Plan heretofore or hereafter made by the City pursuant to law.

  • Site Plan means the plans referred to in Schedule 1 showing the Port Xxxxxxx Townsite and adjacent lands and water which are to be developed as part of the Project;