Concealed definition

Concealed means hidden from sight as in chases, furred spaces, shafts, hung ceilings, or embedded in construction.
Concealed means carried in such a fashion that does not actively solicit the attention of others and is not prominently, openly, and intentionally displayed except for purposes of defense of self or others. Such term shall include, but not be limited to, carrying on one's person while such handgun is substantially, but not necessarily completely, covered by an article of clothing which is worn by such person, carrying within a bag of a nondescript nature which is being carried about by such person, or carrying in any other fashion as to not be clearly discernible by the passive observation of others.
Concealed means embedded in masonry or other construction, installed behind wall furring or within double partitions, or installed above hung ceilings.

Examples of Concealed in a sentence

  • Concealed areas beneath and around bath/shower trays were not visible.

  • Items must be purchased in the support organization’s name 1.29 Concealed Observations‌ Unless otherwise provided in other district policy, individuals are prohibited from recording students, employees, and/or board members surreptitiously or through the use of concealed audio and/or visual recording devices.

  • Therefore, the Contractor shall comply with the requirements of Executive Order 50, Virginia Department of General Services Directive 16 and Regulations Banning Concealed Firearms in Offices Owned or Occupied by Executive Branch Agencies, 1 VAC 30-105, Virginia Department of Human Resources Management Policy 1.80, and any other applicable laws or policies consistent with the above mentioned laws and policies.

  • Report damage (Visible or Concealed) to the carrier and contract supplier confirming such reports in writing within 15 days of delivery, requesting that the carrier inspect the damaged merchandise.

  • Stefan Nickolas Ourlian did, on or about May 31, 2009, recklessly or by force, resist lawful arrest, to wit: when Stefan Nickolas Ourlian was being arrested by the Avon Police Department for Carrying a Concealed Weapon and Drug Abuse, Stefan Nickolas Ourlian resisted the lawful authority of the officers.

More Definitions of Concealed

Concealed means hidden from sight in chases, furred spaces, shafts, hung ceiling, embedded in construction or in crawl spaces.
Concealed. – means hidden from normal sight in furred spaces, shafts, ceiling spaces, walls and partitions.
Concealed. , where used herein, shall mean hidden from sight as in trenches, chases, furred spaces, pipe shafts, or above hung finished ceilings. "Exposed" shall mean that piping or equipment is not "concealed" as defined above. Piping and equipment in service tunnels, mechanical equipment rooms, storage areas, or unfinished rooms is to be considered as "exposed".
Concealed means hidden from ordinary observation so as to prevent disclosure or recognition. A deadly weapon is concealed when it is carried on or about the person in such a manner that another person in the ordinary course of events would not be placed on notice that the deadly weapon was being carried. For purposes of concealed handgun licensees, a licensee shall be deemed to be carrying on or about his or her person while in or on a motor vehicle if the firearm is located in a storage area in or on the motor vehicle.
Concealed or “concealment” means camouflaging techniques that integrate the transmission equipment into the surrounding natural and/or built environment such that the average, untrained observer cannot directly view the equipment but would likely recognize the existence of the wireless facility or concealment technique. Camouflaging concealment techniques include but are not limited to: (1) facade or rooftop mounted pop-out screen boxes;(2) antennas mounted within a radome above a streetlight; (3) equipment cabinets painted or wrapped to match the background; and (4) an isolated or standalone faux-tree.
Concealed means to cover from observation so as to prevent public view;
Concealed means not visible to ordinary observation.