Composite licence definition

Composite licence means the prospecting licence-cum-mining lease which is a two stage concession granted for the purpose of undertaking prospecting operations followed by mining operations in a seamless manner
Composite licence means prospecting licence-cum-mining lease granted under rule 18;
Composite licence means the prospecting licence-cum-mining lease which is a two stage concession granted under Rule 18 of the Auction Rules for the purpose of undertaking prospecting operations followed by mining operations in a seamless manner.

Examples of Composite licence in a sentence

  • In case of auction of Composite Licence, the applicant shall have a net worth of more than 1 per cent.

  • Misplacement of a screw can result in failure of the repair, trauma to the adjacent spinal cord, or rupture of nearby blood sinuses which can hemorrhage severely.

  • The holder of a Composite Licence shall conduct geological exploration of the area under the Composite Licence so as to ascertain evidence of mineral contents and shall submit periodic reports in accordance with the Act and rules made thereunder, as applicable to a prospecting licence and all reports, studies and other documentation related to the geological exploration of the area under the Composite Licence shall be submitted to the Director, Mines/Deputy Commissioner.

  • The brief facts of the case are as follows: The assessee/appellant, an Insurance Broker as well as Re-insurance Broker was issued with a Composite Licence No.CB-011/02 under the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (Insurance Brokers) Regulations, 2002 for both classes of broking by the Insurance Regulation and Development Authority.

  • The holder of the Composite Licence shall pay the third instalment being eighty percent of the upfront payment, subsequent to execution of the Mine Development and Production Agreement and upon such payment, the State Government shall execute a Mining Lease Deed with the holder of the Composite Licence within thirty days of the date of completion of all the conditions specified in sub-rule (8).

  • LEC holds a Composite Licence for Transmission and Distribution and Supply issued by LEWA in December 2006.

  • The Director, Mines/Deputy Commissioner may initiate an auction process for grant of a Composite Licence with respect to an area within the State in accordance with the provisions of these rules and this Chapter for the mineral block prepared by the Director, Geology for grant of a Composite Licence.

  • The contract list includes: 7 Amendments for extension of time and/or increase or decrease in funds.

  • Upon fulfilment of the conditions specified in sub-rule (2), the Director, Mines /Deputy Commissioner shall grant a Composite Licence to the successful bidder and such Composite Licence shall be subject to the provisions of the Act and the rules made thereunder, as applicable to a prospecting licence and mining lease.

  • The Director, Mines /Deputy Commissioner shall, prior to issuance of the notice inviting tender with respect to auction, identify and demarcate the area where a Composite Licence is proposed to be granted through auction and the area so demarcated shall be classified into forests land, land owned by the State Government, and land not owned by State Government.

More Definitions of Composite licence

Composite licence means a prospecting licence-cum-mining lease issued under sub-section
Composite licence means the document dated 28th March 1990 containing the Generation, Transmission and PES Licences granted to the Issuer by the Secretary of State for Scotland under the Electricity Act;
Composite licence means a combination of licences
Composite licence means the exploration licence-cum-production lease which is a two stage operating right granted for the purpose of undertaking exploration operation followed by production operation;

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