Completes definition

Completes means commercialization of the prior SBIR/STTR research into a commercial product or application
Completes. “Completed” or “Completion” shall mean operations to complete a well as a producer of oil and/or gas, including, but not limited to, the setting of production casing, perforating, well stimulation and production testing.
Completes or "Completed") when (1) CAT submits those items containing the attributes listed under the heading "Content" ("CAT Deliverables") by the Timeframe stated on Schedule II and (2) such CAT Deliverables are subsequently confirmed by Xxxxx to conform to those attributes listed on Schedule II ("Confirm(s)"). Xxxxx shall have a period of [***] from receipt of CAT Deliverables to Confirm such CAT Deliverables. As to each specific Target, Xxxxx shall have the right to exercise its Option after the Completion of either Milestone 3 or Milestone 4 as follows:

Examples of Completes in a sentence

  • Navy Completes Air and Ballistic Missile Exercise,” Navy News Service, March 26, 2009.

  • Completes mandatory training (including safety and quality training) as relevant to role.

  • Attention to Detail – Completes work in a thorough and complete manner, provides detailed information, and tracks details at all times.

  • Completes a criminal history check as described in section 29 to the satisfaction of the secretary of state.

  • Completes paperwork on all disabling athletic injuries on proper forms and submits to the Athletic Director by the next school day.

  • Missile Defense Agency, “Standard Missile Completes First Intercept Test from Aegis Ashore Test Site,” December 10, 2015 (15-NEWS-0011).

  • Completes performance evaluations, determines performance issues, and takes disciplinary action, which may include suspension and the recommendation for termination.

  • Missile Defense Agency press release 10-News-0016, dated October 29, 2010, entitled “Joint Japan-U.S. Missile Defense Flight Test Successful.” See also Marina Malenic, “Japanese Aegis Destroyer Successfully Completes Missile- Intercept Test,” Defense Daily, November 1, 2010: 6.

  • Completes year-end inventory of all equipment, supplies, and uniforms.

  • Completes and submits application forms required by the commission, including the free application for federal student aid; applies for all available state and federal financial aid; attends orientation in person or virtually; registers for classes with the assistance of an academic advisor; and participates in academic and career advising sessions required under the eligible program.

More Definitions of Completes

Completes means commercialization of the prior SBIR/STTR research into a commercial
Completes means the date the draft report(s) containing the data generated from such Non-Clinical Studies are available. Within [***] days after Ionis Completes the respective Non-Clinical Studies, CS1 Study and the CS5 Study, Ionis will provide Bayer [***].” In all other respects, Ionis Development Activities will be treated in the same manner as “Isis Completion Activities” under the Agreement. For clarity, separate from the Amendment Data Package, Ionis will provide the information required under and in accordance with Section 1.5 of the Agreement for each of the Amendment-Clinical Studies.

Related to Completes

  • Completed means the building is fully functioning and all work which was part of the principle contract is complete.

  • Looked after means all those currently in the care of a Local Authority or accommodated by a Local Authority under the terms of the Children Act 1989 and children who were previously in the care of or accommodated by a Local Authority but immediately after being looked after, became subject to an adoption, a child arrangements order or special guardianship order.

  • completed year of service means continuous service of specified duration under the university and includes periods of absence from duty as well as leave including extraordinary leave.

  • Service Commencement Date means the date the Transmission Provider begins to provide service pursuant to the terms of an executed Service Agreement, or the date the Transmission Provider begins to provide service in accordance with Tariff, Part II, section 15.3 or Tariff, Part III, section 29.1.

  • Policy Commencement Date means the date of commencement of the Policy as specified in the Schedule.

  • Completion means the fulfilment of the Related Services by the Supplier in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Contract.

  • Continuous enrollment means enrollment in a state- supported postsecondary education institution at the same degree level for consecutive terms, excluding summer term, since the beginning of the period for which continuous enrollment is claimed unless a sequence of continuous enrollment is broken due to extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control, including serious personal illness or injury, or illness or death of a parent.

  • the commencement date means the date on which the Contract shall take effect, as notified by the Authority to the Contractor in a letter awarding the Contract.

  • As low as is reasonably achievable (ALARA) means making every reasonable effort to maintain exposures to radiation as far below the dose limits in these regulations as is practical, consistent with the purpose for which the licensed or registered activity is undertaken, taking into account the state of technology, the economics of improvements in relation to state of technology, the economics of improvements in relation to benefits to the public health and safety, and other societal and socioeconomic considerations, and in relation to utilization of nuclear energy and licensed or registered sources of radiation in the public interest.

  • Interest Commencement Date means the Issue Date or such other date as may be specified in the relevant Final Terms.

  • Enrollment Date means the first Trading Day of each Offering Period.

  • Actively at Work and "active work" means actually performing on a Full- time basis each and every duty pertaining to your job in the place where and the manner in which the job is normally performed. This includes approved time off such as vacation, jury duty and funeral leave, but does not include time off as a result of injury or illness.

  • Reemployment Commencement Date means the first day following a One-Year Period of Severance on which an Employee is entitled to be credited with an Hour of Service described in Paragraph (a)(1) of the definition of “Hour of Service” in this Article.

  • Issuer Call Commencement Date means the first Business Day following the three year period from and including the Issue Date;

  • medically approved means certified by a medical practitioner;

  • Offering Commencement Date means the first day of each Offering Period.

  • Commencement of Development means the date on which any material operation (as defined in Section 56(4) of the Act) forming part of the Development begins to be carried out other than (for the purposes of this Deed and for no other purpose) operations consisting of site clearance, demolition work, archaeological investigations, investigations for the purpose of assessing ground conditions, remedial work in respect of any contamination or other adverse ground conditions, diversion and laying of services, erection of any temporary means of enclosure, the temporary display of site notices or advertisements and “Commence Development” shall be construed accordingly.

  • Offering Date means a date selected by the Board for an Offering to commence.

  • Initial Offering means the Company’s first firm commitment underwritten public offering of its Common Stock registered under the Securities Act.

  • effective control means a relationship constituted by rights, contracts or any other means which, either separately or jointly and having regard to the considerations of fact or law involved, confer the possibility of directly or indirectly exercising a decisive influence on an undertaking, in particular by:

  • Enrollment means the number of students who are enrolled in a school operated by the district on October 1. A student shall be counted as one whether the student is enrolled as a full-time or part-time student. Students enrolled in prekindergarten programs shall not be counted.

  • Plan Entry Date means the Effective Date and: (Choose (d), (e) or (f))

  • Architectural coating means a coating applied to stationary structures and their appurtenances, to mobile homes, to pavements, or to curbs.

  • Benefit Commencement Date means, for any Participant or beneficiary, the date as of which the first benefit payment, including a single sum, from the Participant’s Account is due, other than pursuant to a withdrawal under Article VIII.

  • Eligibility Service or “Continuous Employment” for Pension Purposes‌ Generally, it is the number of years (including a portion of a year) a pension plan member has been continuously employed in which there has been no break in employment exceeding 12 months. It includes previous Ontario Hydro/Hydro One pensionable service which has been reinstated; external service which has been transferred into the pension plan under a reciprocal pension transfer agreement; and periods of pregnancy/parental leave. It may include certain types of non-Hydro One regular service purchased under special provisions. It generally excludes leaves of absence without pay except where the employee elects to pay the pension contribution. The exceptions are detailed in the pension rules. Eligibility Service (ES) is used as an eligibility criterion for early retirement and the associated early retirement discounts; and in conjunction with Membership Service (i.e., the service subsequent to the date actually joining/started contributing to the Plan) and Age, to determine death and termination benefit entitlements.