Compatible Mobile Terminal definition

Compatible Mobile Terminal designates any portable device capable of connecting to Internet to access the Products. The term Compatible Mobile Terminals covers in particular feature phones, smartphones , tablet computers, and personal digital assistants (PDAs).

Examples of Compatible Mobile Terminal in a sentence

  • To use the Product on a Compatible Mobile Terminal, You must have access to an electronic communication network.

  • In order to provide You with a better game experience, adapted services and Product support, UBISOFT may collect and store data about You in relation to Your use of the Product, Your connection information and/or Your Compatible Mobile Terminal.

  • You acknowledge that the quality of the Products, the response time or access to certain features may depend on the capacities of Your Compatible Mobile Terminal and of the electronic communication network.

  • The use of a Compatible Mobile Terminal will lead in particular to connection costs.

  • Downloading, installing and use of certain Mobile Services supplied via your Compatible Mobile Terminal may be prohibited or restricted by your Internet service provider, and it is possible that the Mobile Services will not all function with all network service providers or devices.

  • To access the Mobile Services from your Compatible Mobile Terminal you must (i) have a Compatible Mobile Terminal, (ii) have the permission of the person who pays the bill for said Compatible Mobile Terminal, (iii) be provided with Internet access via your Compatible Mobile Terminal by your mobile and/or fixed Internet service provider and (iv) be in compliance with the contractual obligations of your mobile and/or fixed Internet service contract.

  • Decisions on whether to simplify the Student Loan Scheme are required by March in order for any legislative changes to be enacted in time for an April 2020 application.

  • The use of a Compatible Mobile Terminal will lead in particular to connection costs for which UBISOFT shall not be held responsible.

  • You acknowledge that the User comfort of the Mobile Services depends on the capacities, Services, quality display, and response time or access to certain functions of your Compatible Mobile Terminal and the capacities of the electronic communication network you use, and UBISOFT may in no case be held responsible for reduced User comfort on Mobile Services.

  • You acknowledge that the quality of the Services, the response time or access to certain features may depend on the capacities of your Compatible Mobile Terminal and of the electronic communication network.

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