Committed Costs definition

Committed Costs means the amount of funding, as evidenced by project budgets, invoices and any other documentation reasonably requested by NWMO, that the Municipality requires to complete any capital project funded using the Financial Benefits where physical work of a significant nature has commenced as of the applicable date. For further clarity, physical work of a significant nature is work that is integral to the construction of such capital project. Preliminary activities, such as environmental or geological assessments, or initial preparatory work (including, for example, site clearing, fence construction or development of access roads), shall not be considered integral to such capital project.
Committed Costs means (i) any costs committed to but not yet incurred; (ii) any sunk costs already spent; and/or
Committed Costs means costs reasonable incurred or committed to by the Contractor in relation to the delivery of Goods or Services prior to their Acceptance or performance (or if earlier prior to the Termination Date), which following any termination the Contractor has mitigated so far as reasonably practicable.

Examples of Committed Costs in a sentence

  • Total Expenditure and Committed Costs for Completion of all Bores RECOMMENDATIONThat Council: 1.

  • Committed Costs represent issued PO values only for Design & Engineering and Construction, Land & Other Assets.

  • Responsibility Centers – Types of Responsibility Centers – Expense Centers, Profit Centers and Investment Centers – Budgetary Control as a tool for Management Control Systems - Engineered, Discretionary and Committed Costs – Approaches to budgetingw.r.t. Engineered and Discretionary costs (20%) 3.

  • Maki provided an update on the 2018 and 2019 budgets: 2018:o Budget: $174,500 ($100,000 budgeted and $74,500 carried over from 2017) 152445v1 o Spent to Date: $48,737.51o Committed Costs: $114,885.32o Estimate for curb letdowns at 115B/Hammond Rd and Wildwood Trail bollards: $5,000o Estimated remaining 2018 budget: $5,877.17 2019: Staff to review budget during business planning process; the plan is to recommend an annual $100,000 capital budget as previously done.

  • The total Committed Costs for the year amounts to 250,000 litresof milk at 0.20p x 52 weeks(12 months) = £2,600,000.

  • The Authority shall only be liable upon termination for payment in respect of Accepted Goods and Services up to the Termination Date in accordance with the above clauses plus any Committed Costs but only in so far as they are within the scope and nature contemplated in and subject to ant limit stated in the Special Conditions of Contract (where issued) or in the Purchase Order.

  • Unit II: Responsibility Centers - Types of Responsibility centers - Expense Center, Profit Centers and Investment Centers - Budgetary Control as a tool for Management Control System - Engineered, Discretionary and Committed Costs.

  • Committed Costs: accrued expenditures through the reporting period, plus staffing and operational costs not yet recognized, but required for uninterrupted services through the program year.

  • What Toyota strives to do is make their committed costs more closely match the depicted incurred costs: “SBD strives to reduce the Committed Costs to more closely follow the Incurred Costs” (Singer et al.

  • Possibility of selling some of the goods in their received state with no modification; whether this is at a profit, at cost or at a loss.LOSS PREVENTION STANDARDS Note: Any assumptions made in the decision to insure on a Committed Costs basis would require all details of the calculation and insured sum to be reviewed regularly, considered as part of the Business Impact Analysis and when such thingsas contracts change; suppliers change, etc.

More Definitions of Committed Costs

Committed Costs means, with respect to the Joint Product, (a) (i) the next [**] of expenses not yet incurred, as set forth in the firm budget portion of the then-current Joint Development Plan and Budget or Joint Commercialization Plan and Budget for such Joint Product or (ii) if less than [**] remain with respect to the firm budget portion of the then-current Joint Development Plan and Budget or Joint Commercialization Plan and Budget for such Joint Product, the expenses not yet incurred and associated with the months remaining in the firm budget portion of the then-current Joint Development Plan and Budget or Joint Commercialization Plan and Budget for such Joint Product and (b) [**] costs associated with Clinical Trials for the Joint Product that have been Initiated as of the effective date of the termination of this Agreement or date of the Epizyme Opt-Out Notice with respect to such Joint Product.

Related to Committed Costs

  • Related Costs means lodging and, if necessary, physical protection for the Covered Person during or while waiting for Transport to the Nearest Place of Safety. Related Costs will include temporary lodging, if necessary, while a Covered Person is waiting to be transported back to the Host Country, Home Country or other country where the Policyholder that sponsored the Covered Person’s Trip is located. Benefits will not be payable for Related Costs unless We (or Our authorized assistance provider) authorize in writing, or by an authorized electronic or telephonic means, all expenses in advance, and services are rendered by Our assistance provider.

  • Hard Costs means all costs and expenses payable for supplies, materials, labor and profit with respect to the Improvements under any Construction Contract.

  • Associated Costs means, in respect of each Preference Share, an amount (subject to a minimum of zero) equal to its pro rata share (calculated on the basis of the proportion of the aggregate number of Preference Shares outstanding as at the Early Preference Share Valuation Date) as determined by the Calculation Agent of:

  • Overhead costs means the actual costs incurred or the estimated costs to be

  • Direct Costs means the sum of the following:

  • Administrative Costs means all costs and expenses associated with providing notice of the Settlement to the Settlement Class and administering and carrying out the terms of the Settlement.

  • Regulatory Costs are, collectively, future, supplemental, emergency or other changes in Reserve Percentages, assessment rates imposed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or similar requirements or costs imposed by any domestic or foreign Governmental Authority and related in any manner to a Fixed Rate.

  • Routine Patient Costs means all health care services that are otherwise covered under the Group Contract for the treatment of cancer or other Life-threatening Condition that is typically covered for a patient who is not enrolled in an Approved Clinical Trial.

  • Qualified Costs means an electric utility's regulatory assets as determined by the commission, adjusted by the applicable portion of related investment tax credits, plus any costs that the commission determines that the electric utility would be unlikely to collect in a competitive market, including, but not limited to, retail open access implementation costs and the costs of a commission approved restructuring, buyout or buy-down of a power purchase contract, together with the costs of issuing, supporting, and servicing securitization bonds and any costs of retiring and refunding the electric utility's existing debt and equity securities in connection with the issuance of securitization bonds. Qualified costs include taxes related to the recovery of securitization charges.

  • Restructuring related costs means reasonably incurred costs

  • Fixed Costs means costs which do not vary with consumption or volume produced;

  • Committed Advance means an advance made by a Lender to a Borrower as part of a Committed Borrowing and refers to a Base Rate Advance or a Eurodollar Rate Committed Advance, each of which is a “Type” of Committed Advance.

  • Delivery Costs means all items of expense directly or indirectly payable by or reimbursable to the City or the Trustee relating to the sale and execution and delivery of the Purchase Agreement, this Trust Agreement and the Obligations, including but not limited to filing and recording costs, settlement costs, printing costs, reproduction and binding costs, initial fees and charges of the Trustee, financing discounts, legal fees and charges, insurance fees and charges, financial and other professional consultant fees, costs of rating agencies for credit ratings, fees for execution, transportation and safekeeping of the Obligations and charges and fees in connection with the foregoing.

  • Committed Volume means, with respect to a Committed Shipper, the minimum daily volume of Crude Petroleum set out in Schedule A to the Committed Shipper’s TSA.