Commercially definition

Commercially means on a commercial basis, and with a view to the realisation of profits; and
Commercially or “Commercial” Distribution refers to Distribution of Products that have received Regulatory Approval and are distributed through normal commercial channels. Commercially does not refer to Distribution for the purpose of supporting efforts to obtain Regulatory Approval.
Commercially means carried out for fee or reward.

Examples of Commercially in a sentence

  • Commercially accepted practices shall apply to any detail not covered in the specification and to any omission of the specification.

  • Commercially useful function is evaluated after the contract has been executed, while the DBE certified firm is performing its work items.

  • The department uses Form DT1011: DBE Commercially Useful Function Review and Certification to evaluate whether the DBE is performing a commercially useful function.

  • Commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) item," "component," "domestic end product," "foreign end product," "qualifying country," "qualifying country end product," and "United States" have the meanings given in the Buy American and Balance of Payments Program clause of this solicitation.

  • Commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) item," "component," "domestic end product," "foreign end product," "qualifying country," "qualifying country end product," "South Caucasus/Central and South Asian (SC/CASA) state," "South Caucasus/Central and South Asian (SC/CASA) state end product," and "United States," as used in this provision, have the meanings given in the Buy American and Balance of Payments Program-Alternate I clause of this solicitation.

  • If it is determined that a MBE or WBE is not performing a Commercially Useful Function, the contractor may present evidence to rebut this presumption to the Department.

  • Form-Release Agent: Commercially formulated form-release agent that will not bond with, stain, or adversely affect concrete surfaces and will not impair subsequent treatments of concrete surfaces.

  • A Contractor may count toward its DBE goals only expenditures to DBE firms that perform a Commercially Useful Function (CUF) in the work of a contract.

  • On DBE subcontracts, the DBE must perform or exercise responsibility for at least 30 percent of the total cost of its contract with its own work force, or the DBE will not be considered to be performing a Commercially Useful Function.

  • Thereafter, in the second stage, the Price Tenders of only the Techno - Commercially acceptable offers (as decided in the first stage) shall be opened for further scrutiny and evaluation on a date notified after the evaluation of the Techno – Commercial tender.

More Definitions of Commercially

Commercially means with respect to Omniferon or other product, the distribution, marketing and sale of Omniferon (or other product) under an unrestricted approved NDA or similar FDA approval (i.e., BLA).
Commercially reasonable best efforts" shall have the meaning set forth in Section 10.1 of B.A.
Commercially means the same degree of priority and diligence with which PCA meets the Reasonable Effortssupport needs of its other similar customers
Commercially. Reasonable Efforts" means, with respect to a party, such efforts that are consistent with the efforts and resources normally used by such party in good faith in the exercise of its reasonable business discretion relating to the research and development of a potential pharmaceutical product owned by it or to which it has exclusive rights, with similar product characteristics, which is of a similar market potential at a similar stage in its development or product life, taking into account issues of patent coverage, safety and efficacy, product profile, the competitiveness of the marketplace, the proprietary position of the compound or product, the regulatory structure involved, the profitability of the applicable products (including pricing and reimbursement status achieved), and other relevant factors, including technical, legal, scientific and/or medical factors. For the purpose of clarity, Commercially Reasonable Efforts would be determined on a marketby-market and indication-byindication basis for a particular product and it is anticipated that the level of effort may be different for different markets and may change over time, reflecting changes in the status of the product and the market involved;

Related to Commercially

  • Reasonable Efforts means, with respect to any action required to be made, attempted, or taken by an Interconnection Party or by a Construction Party under Tariff, Part IV or Tariff, Part VI, an Interconnection Service Agreement, or a Construction Service Agreement, such efforts as are timely and consistent with Good Utility Practice and with efforts that such party would undertake for the protection of its own interests. Regional Entity:

  • Commercially Reasonable Efforts means, with respect to any Licensed Compound and each Licensed Product, that level of effort and resources commonly dedicated in the pharmaceutical industry by a company of comparable activity to the Manufacture, Development or Commercialization, as the case may be, of a product of similar commercial potential at a similar stage in its lifecycle to the Licensed Compound or such Licensed Product, in each case taking into account the following considerations (the “CRE Considerations”): issues of safety and efficacy, product profile, the proprietary position, the then current competitive environment and the likely timing of market entry, the regulatory environment and status of such Licensed Product, and other relevant scientific, technical and commercial factors, but without regard to any payments owed to Cephalon under this Agreement.

  • Best Efforts the efforts that a prudent Person desirous of achieving a result would use in similar circumstances to ensure that such result is achieved as expeditiously as possible; provided, however, that an obligation to use Best Efforts under this Agreement does not require the Person subject to that obligation to take actions that would result in a materially adverse change in the benefits to such Person of this Agreement and the Contemplated Transactions.

  • Reasonable Best Efforts means best efforts, to the extent commercially reasonable.

  • Commercially Reasonable means sound and prudent practices in a manner commercially reasonable for an onshore Product gathering system operator and in a manner consistent with industry standards at the applicable point in time.

  • Diligent Efforts means, with respect to the Product, efforts of a Person to carry out its obligations, and to cause its controlled Affiliates and Product licensees, if any, to carry out their respective obligations, using such efforts and employing such resources normally used by Persons in the pharmaceutical business similar in size and resources to Parent relating to seeking regulatory approval for a product candidate or commercialization of an approved product that is of similar market potential at a similar stage in its development or product life, taking into account issues of market exclusivity, product profile, including efficacy, safety, tolerability and convenience, the competitiveness of alternate products in the marketplace or under development, the availability of existing forms or dosages of the Product for other indications, the launch or sales of a generic or biosimilar product, the regulatory environment and the profitability of the Product (including pricing and reimbursement status) and other relevant considerations, including technical, commercial, legal, scientific and/or medical factors.

  • Use shall have the meaning given to such term under the HIPAA regulations in 45 CFR § 160.103.

  • Reasonable Commercial Efforts means, with respect to the applicable obligation of the Company, reasonable commercial efforts for similarly situated, publicly-traded companies.

  • Commercially Useful Function means responsibility for the execution of a distinct element of the work of the contract, which is carried out by actually performing, managing, and supervising the work involved, evidencing the responsibilities and risks of a business owner such as negotiating the terms of (sub)contracts, taking on a financial risk commensurate with the contract or its subcontract, responsibility for acquiring the appropriate lines of credit and/or loans, or fulfilling responsibilities as a joint venture partner as described in the joint venture agreement.

  • Reasonable Steps means those steps the Receiving Party takes to protect its own similar proprietary and confidential information, which must not be less than a reasonable standard of care.

  • External dose means that portion of the dose equivalent received from any source of radiation outside the body.

  • Reasonable in these circumstances means ‘using no more force than is needed’. The use of force may involve either passive physical contact, such as standing between pupils or blocking a pupil’s path, or active physical contact such as leading a pupil by the arm out of the classroom. Departmental advice for schools is available here

  • Commercially available means that the choice between domestic and imported products is unrestricted and depends only on commercial considerations.

  • Good Faith Efforts means actions undertaken by a bidder or contractor to achieve a Contract Specific Goal that the CPO or his or her designee has determined, by their scope, intensity, and appropriateness to the objective, can reasonably be expected to fulfill the program’s requirements.

  • Reasonable grounds means that a reasonable person in your position would also suspect the information indicates misconduct or a breach of the law.

  • Reasonable and Customary means, in relation to a charge for Medical Service, such level which does not exceed the general range of charges being charged by the relevant service providers in the locality where the charge is incurred for similar treatment, services or supplies to individuals with similar conditions, e.g. of the same sex and similar Age, for a similar Disability, as reasonably determined by the Company in utmost good faith. The Reasonable and Customary charges shall not in any event exceed the actual charges incurred.

  • reasonably practicable means practicable having regard to-

  • Obtain means, in relation to labor or services, to secure performance thereof.

  • Reasonable pupil means a pupil, including, but not limited to, an exceptional needs pupil, who exercises average care, skill, and judgment in conduct for a person of his or her age, or for a person of his or her age with his or her exceptional needs.

  • Unreasonably impracticable means that the measures necessary to comply with the regulations require such a high investment of risk, money, time, or any other resource or asset that the operation of a marijuana establishment is not worthy of being carried out in practice by a reasonably prudent businessperson.

  • Using shall have the meaning as defined in the Master Agreement.

  • Internal dose means that portion of the dose equivalent received from radioactive material taken into the body.

  • undesirable practice means (i) establishing contact with any person connected with or employed or engaged by the Authority with the objective of canvassing, lobbying or in any manner influencing or attempting to influence the Bidding Process; or (ii) having a Conflict of Interest; and

  • necessary skills means skills and experience, other than professional qualifications, specified by the Corporation as appropriate for members to have;

  • Reasonable Distance means a distance that has regard to the Doctor’s original work location, current home address, capacity of the Doctor to travel, additional travelling time, effects on the personal circumstances of the Affected Doctor, including family commitments and responsibilities and other matters raised by the Doctor, or assistance provided by their Health Service.

  • Viable means the ability of an unborn child to live outside the mother's womb, albeit with artificial aid.