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Commercial System means a commercially marketable content management software system developed by Vignette hereunder that incorporates Prism or any Derivatives (as defined below) and that performs the principal functions for which c|net uses Prism as of the Effective Date.

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Condition: We noted the following weaknesses related to internal controls over drawback of duties, taxes, and fees paid by the importer: � The Automated Commercial System (ACS) lacked automated controls to detect and prevent excessive drawback claims and payments, necessitating inefficient manual processes that do not effectively compensate for the lack of automated controls.

Compliance Audit and In-BondIn 1998, CBP implemented an audit system within the Automated Commercial System (ACS).

The Commercial System Relief Program is being offered by the Authority to enable participating eligible customers to be compensated for reducing their load under certain conditions when called upon by the Authority to do so.

CBP created the Automated Commercial System (ACS) to track, control, and process all commercial goods imported into the United States.

This document also announces that the Automated Commercial System (ACS) will no longer be a CBP-authorized EDI system for purposes of processing such filings.

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