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Coca bush means the plant of any species of the genus Erythroxylon;
Coca bush means the plant of any species of the genus erythroxylon from which cocaine can be extracted;
Coca bush means the plant of any species erythroxylon;

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  • Coca bush cultivation remains concentrated in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia.

  • Coca bush continues to be extensively cultivated for illicit purposes in South America.

  • Coca bush cultivation surveys in Bolivia (Plurinational State of), Colombia and Peru, 2020.

  • Coca bush is predominantly cultivated on narrow terraces built on high gradient hills.

  • Coca bush cultivation in Peru occurs mostly in the valley of the rivers Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro (VRAEM), that accounts for about 70 per cent of national coca leaf production.

  • Coca bush continues to be cultivated exclusively in South America, the overall levels of production of coca leaf remaining stable despite fluctuations in individual countries and the abuse of cocaine increasing for the most part, particularly in transit countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Venezuela.

  • Coca bush is also illicitly cultivated on small plots of land in Ecuador and Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of).

  • Surface area of land cultivated with the Coca bush on a worldwide level (1994-2008) Source: Executive Summary of the World Report on Drugs 2009, Office of the United Nations against Drugs and Crime, p.7. 2009/Executive summary Spanish.pdf The UNODC report “Bolivia, Coca leaf crop monitoring, 2008”, shows that coca leaf cultivation increased by 6% (30,500 ha) from 2007 (28,900 ha).

  • Coca bush, i.e. all plant of Erythroxylon genus, of the Erythroxylaceae family.

  • Coca bush was defined as, “the plant of any species of the genus Erythroxylon.”6 Erythroxylon Coca, the species from which cocaine is produced, is a bush that grows to about 8 feet tall and is indigenous to hot, damp climates.

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Coca bush means the plant of any of the species

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