Definition of Co-Debtors

Co-Debtors means the Joint and Several Borrowers and the Guarantor (and "Co-Debtor" means any of them).
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Examples of Co-Debtors in a sentence

Secured Party shall give Notice of any Event of Default to Co-Debtors, and Co-Debtors shall have the right to cure such Event of Default within the applicable Cure Period.
The Collateral shall be held by the Co-Debtors, unless and until an Event of Default occurs and the Cure Period expires.
No unsatisfied judgments, decrees or orders of any court or governmental body are outstanding against Co-Debtors or against the Collateral.
Co-Debtors shall be entitled to any surplus, and shall remain liable for any deficiency remaining after disposition of the Collateral.
Co-Debtors' records concerning the Collateral are kept at their respective places of business at such addresses, and the Collateral is currently located at such addresses and at the additional address(es) specified on Exhibit "A" hereto, which exhibit may be amended from time-to-time or at any time by Secured Party to reflect the address at which any hereafter acquired Collateral is located.