Circulated definition

Circulated means presented to an elector for the collection of a signature and other information required by this article.

Examples of Circulated in a sentence

  • M.L.A. of the concerned constituency (Circulated vide No. 1/19/94-RCI/6045 dated 15.7.94).

  • Committee on Safeguards, Imposition of a Safeguard Measure by the United States on Imports of Aluminum and Steel: Communication from the United States in Response to China’s Requests Circulated on 26 March 2018, 1-2, G/SG/161/Suppl.1 (April 4, 2018) (“Because the actions under the Steel and Aluminum Proclamations are not safeguard measures, the United States considers that Article 8.2 of the Agreement on Safeguards does not justify China's suspension of concessions or other obligations.

  • Technical Review: Circulated Departments & Agencies As part of the application review, this proposal was circulated to internal departments and external agencies for their review.

  • Technical Review: Circulated Departments & AgenciesAs part of the application review, this proposal was circulated to internal departments and external agencies for their review.

  • If more than one person views a recording at one time (e.g., two people watch a recording together), this still counts as one viewing. Items Circulated.

  • Circulated written resolutions will constitute a resolution of the Committee.

  • California Sing-Along Circulated by Generators And to start off the week...

  • Environmental Assessment: A Mitigated Negative Declaration was Circulated Between March 6, 2017 and April 7, 2017.

  • Lays Out Subsidies To Chinese Steel Firm In ‘Room Document’ Circulated At WTO Meeting, April 29, 2016.

  • Circulated written resolutions constitute a resolution of the Committee.

Related to Circulated

  • Circulation means distribution of the final version of a document to the members of the Council, their representatives or delegates,

  • Newspaper means a newspaper and other materials printed on newsprint.

  • Newspapers means at least one English language daily newspaper and at least one Chinese language daily newspaper, in each case published and circulating generally in the Relevant Territory and specified or not excluded for this purpose by the stock exchange in the Relevant Territory;

  • Media means physical devices or writing surfaces including, but is not limited to, magnetic tapes, optical disks, magnetic disks, large-scale integration memory chips, and printouts onto which information is recorded, stored, or printed within an information system.

  • Advertising means the planning, creating, or placing of advertising in newspapers, magazines,

  • Television means a system for transmitting visual images and sound that are reproduced on screens, and includes broadcast, cable, on-demand, satellite, or internet programming. Television includes any video programming downloaded or streamed via the internet.

  • Advertisements or “Advertising” means display of any advertisement material including pictures, printed material, electric / electronic media, smart posters, holographic images, visual display or any other innovative advertising media, etc. which are not objectionable or prohibited under various statutes, codes, policies, etc. as applicable from time to time.

  • Electronic Prospectus means a form of prospectus, and any amendment or supplement thereto, that meets each of the following conditions: (i) it shall be encoded in an electronic format, satisfactory to the Representative, that may be transmitted electronically by the Underwriters to offerees and purchasers of the Units for at least the period during which a prospectus relating to the Units is required to be delivered under the Act; (ii) it shall disclose the same information as the paper prospectus and prospectus filed pursuant to XXXXX, except to the extent that graphic and image material cannot be disseminated electronically, in which case such graphic and image material shall be replaced in the electronic prospectus with a fair and accurate narrative description or tabular representation of such material, as appropriate; and (iii) it shall be in or convertible into a paper format or an electronic format, satisfactory to the Representative, that will allow recipients thereof to store and have continuously ready access to the prospectus at any future time, without charge to such recipients (other than any fee charged for subscription to the Internet as a whole and for on-line time).

  • Publication means any report, article, educational material, handbook, brochure, pamphlet, press release, public service announcement, web page, audio or visual material or other communication for public dissemination, which relates to all or any portion of the Grant Plan or is paid for in whole or in part using Grant Funds.

  • Official newspaper means any newspaper designated by the Board pursuant to R.S.35:1-1 et seq.

  • poster means a printed notice conveying information intended to be displayed for a temporary period of time and includes but is not limited to a bill, handbill, leaflet, notice, placard and election sign;

  • Video means simulated movement created by the display of a series of images creating the illusion of continuous movement.

  • Circular means the notice of the Meeting and accompanying proxy statement, including all schedules, appendices and exhibits to, and information incorporated by reference in, such proxy statement, to be sent to the Company Shareholders in connection with the Meeting, as amended, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time in accordance with the terms of the Proposal Agreement;

  • Advertising Materials means any advertising, marketing, merchandising, promotional, public relations (including press releases) and display materials relating to or concerning Licensed Products or proposed Licensed Products, or any other advertising, merchandising, promotional, public relations (including press releases) and display materials depicting any of the Licensed Trademarks. For purposes of this Agreement, Advertising Materials include any advertisements in which the System is referred to or used in any way, including but not limited to giving the System away as prizes in contests or sweepstakes and the public display of the System in product placement opportunities.

  • Electronic meeting means a general meeting held and conducted wholly and exclusively by virtual attendance and participation by shareholders and/or proxies by means of electronic facilities;

  • Legal newspaper means a newspaper meeting the requisites

  • Minutes means a record of the proceedings of a meeting, and shall be made by the Clerk without note or comment.

  • Dissemination means the disclosure of foreground by any appropriate means other than that resulting from the formalities for protecting it, and including the publication of foreground in any medium;

  • Conference means all activities associated with any functions, room rentals, and/or meals on the dates indicated, that are the subject of this Agreement, as described on the Standard Agreement Coversheet form.

  • Literature We will furnish you with copies of each Fund's Prospectus, sales literature and other information made publicly available by the Fund, in reasonable quantities upon your request. We shall file Fund sales literature and promotional material with the NASD and SEC as required. You agree to deliver a copy of the current Prospectus to your customers in accordance with the provisions of the Securities Act of 1933. You may not publish or use any sales literature or promotional materials with respect to the Funds without our prior review and written approval.

  • Radio means a system for transmitting sound without visual images, and includes broadcast, cable, on-demand, satellite, or internet programming. Radio includes any audio programming downloaded or streamed via the internet.

  • Magazines means magazines and other materials printed on similar paper.

  • Information Statement means the information statement to be made available to the holders of Parent Shares in connection with the Distribution, as such information statement may be amended or supplemented from time to time prior to the Distribution.

  • Meetings means the meetings of Affected Unsecured Creditors in the Unsecured Creditor Classes in respect of each Participating CCAA Party called for the purposes of considering and voting in respect of the Plan, which has been set by the Amended and Restated Meetings Order to take place at the times, dates and locations as set out in the Amended and Restated Meetings Order;

  • Medium means the normal operational weight for flight segment.

  • Telephone solicitation means any voice communication over a telephone for the purpose of encouraging the recipient of the call to purchase, rent, or invest in goods or services during that telephone call. Telephone solicitation does not include any of the following: