CIAC definition

CIAC means Chubb Investment Advisory Corporation, a Tennessee corporation.

Examples of CIAC in a sentence

If Customer shall have reimbursed AEP for the TERF, upon request by Customer and at Customer’s expense, AEP shall contest the taxability of such CIAC; provided, however, that AEP shall not be required to contest such taxability if AEP waives the payment by Customer of any amount that might otherwise be payable by Customer under this Agreement in respect of such determination.

At Customer's request and expense, AEP shall file with the IRS a request for a private letter ruling as to whether any CIAC paid, or to be paid, by Customer to AEP is subject to federal income taxation.

In lieu of paying a Cash Advance to the Company, the Applicant/Customer may elect to pay a CIAC to the Company.

The Company shall require the Applicant/Customer to make (i) a CIAC equivalent to the Company’s total estimated costs associated with the construction of facilities necessary to render service in excess of the amount not covered by the revenue guarantee or (ii) a Cash Advance for the total construction costs to render service.

Where a Customer requests underground service from overhead distribution facilities, the Company shall install such service upon receipt of a contribution, in the form of a CIAC, from the Customer equal to the amount the underground service costs exceed the overhead service costs.

More Definitions of CIAC

CIAC means property contributed in aid of construction within the meaning of applicable Laws pertaining to Indiana water utilities regulated by the IURC.
CIAC means CIAC/ChinaInterActiveCorp, an exempted company incorporated under the Companies Law (2004 Revision) of the Cayman Islands.
CIAC means contribution in aid of construction and is defined as any amount of money or other property contributed to Northern for the purpose of constructing plant or adding constructed plant to Northern’s natural gas pipeline and storage systems. Income tax gross-up associated with the CIAC, which represents the time value of money resulting from the timing of tax payments made and tax deductions allowed, will be included in the Actual Cost if the CIAC is determined by Northern to be taxable revenue as defined by
CIAC means CIAC/ChinaInterActiveCorp, a company incorporated under the laws of the Cayman Islands and of which 100% equity interest is directly owned by the Company.
CIAC means Contributions in Aid of Construction as defined in 26 CFR §1.118.2.
CIAC means Carrier InterAmerica Corporation, a United States Virgin Islands corporation.