Cervidae definition

Cervidae means all members of the deer family which includes but is not limited to caribou, moose, elk and deer.
Cervidae means members of the cervidae family, including, but not limited to, deer, elk, moose, reindeer, and caribou.
Cervidae or “cervids” means any member of the Cervidae family, whether free ranging or captive, except those classified as farm deer by Iowa Code section 481A.1(20)“h.” Only members of the species dama dama (fallow deer), cervus nippon (sika deer), and captive cervus elaphus (elk and red deer) are not included. “Farm deer” does not include any unmarked free ranging elk, moose or caribou.

Examples of Cervidae in a sentence

  • To release a quarantine by depopulation, all Cervidae in the herd must be euthanized and tested with an official CWD test.

  • Cervidae are not returned or captured by the owner within 24 hours of their escape.

  • All members of the family Cervidae and hybrids, including deer, elk, moose, caribou, reindeer, and re- lated species.

  • The possession of any species of wild animal that is or once was native to this State or any species of wild bird, native or migratory, that naturally occurs or historically occurred in this State or any member of the family Cervidae is unlawful unless the institution or individual in possession obtains from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (Commission) a captivity permit or a captivity license as provided by this Rule.

  • However in case of ovine and caprine animals and small (< 100 kg life weight) Cervidae a conversion rate of 0,05 livestock units, and in case of other large game a conversion rate of 0,2 livestock units shall be used.

  • Cervidae (deer family) shall be free-roaming on not less than 200 acres, with a minimum of 100 acres covered with woody vegetation.

  • Cervidae livestock facilities and their equipment are considered to be agricultural facilities and equipment.

  • The provisions of Section I apply to the production and placing on the market of meat from even-toed farmed game mammals (Cervidae and Suidae), unless the competent authority considers them inappropriate.

  • Movement of farmed Cervidae for exhibition must be reported to the board within 14 days of the movement on forms approved by the board.

  • To be registered with the board, the owner of farmed Cervidae must have the owner's herd inspected by a representative of the board and demonstrate that the owner has fulfilled all the requirements for farmed Cervidae in parts 1721.0370 to 1721.0420.

More Definitions of Cervidae

Cervidae means all animals belonging to the Cervidae family.
Cervidae means elk, red deer, fallow deer, sika deer and related species and hybrids of these speCIes. "Cervid CWD surveillance identification program" or "CCWDSI program" means a CWD surveillance program that requires identification and laboratory diagnosis on all deaths of cervidae over 18 months of ageincluding, but not limited to, deaths by slaughter, hunting, illness, and injury. A copy of the approved laboratoryreports shall be maintained by the owner for purposes of completion of the annual inventory examination for recertification. Such diagnosis shall include examination of brain and any other tissue as directed by the state veterinarian. If there are deaths for which tissues were not submitted for laboratory diagnosis due to postmortem changes or unavailabity, the department shall determine compliance.
Cervidae means any member of the family Cervidae which includes deer, elk, moose, or their hybrids or related species. Cervidae mentioned in this rule are privately or publicly maintained or held for economic or other purposes within a perimeter fence or confined space.
Cervidae means elk, red deer, fallow deer, sika deer, and related species and hybrids of these species all animals be- longing to the Cervidae family.
Cervidae means animals that are members of the family Cervidae and includes, but is not limited to, white-tailed deer, mule deer, red deer, elk, moose, caribou, reindeer, and muntjac. "Farmed cervidae" means cervidae that are raised for any purpose and are registered in a manner approved by the board. Farmed cervidae are livestock and are not wild animals for purposes of game farm, hunting, or wildlife laws.

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