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Ceramic the project will generate a new family of ECO-PIGMENTS with a significant reduction in the embodied content of CO2, following a cut in energy needed per kg for heating and transporting (i.e. loading, moving raw materials) by 50% [kWh/kg] and a payback time for the technology decreased by 23%.
Ceramic means the finished product produced, of any shape, containing clay and blended with one or more other materials.
Ceramic is used for naming the classification only and is in no way a limitation of the product handled. Ceramic takes into consideration most hard tiles. COMMUNICATIONS TECHNICIAN Installing, manufacturing, assembling and maintaining sound and intercom, protection alarm (security), fire alarm, master antenna television, closed circuit television, low voltage control for computers and/or door monitoring, school communications systems, telephones and servicing of nurse and emergency calls, and the installation and maintenance of transmit and receive antennas, transmitters, receivers, and associated apparatus which operates in conjunction with above systems. All work associated with these system installations will be included EXCEPT the installation of protective metallic conduit in new construction projects (excluding less than ten-foot runs strictly for protection of cable) and 120 volt AC (or higher) power wiring and associated hardware. LABORER, SKILLED - HIGHWAY Individuals engaged in the following types of work, irrespective of the site of the work: asbestos abatement worker, handling of any materials with any foreign matter harmful to skin or clothing, track laborer, cement handlers, chloride handlers, the unloading and loading with steel workers and re-bars, concrete workers wet, tunnel helpers in free air, batch dumpers, xxxxx tenders, kettle and tar men, tank cleaners, plastic installers, scaffold workers, motorized buggies or motorized unit used for wet concrete or handling of building materials, laborers with de-watering systems, sewer workers plus depth, rod and chainmen with technical engineers, rod and chainmen with land surveyors, rod and chainmen with surveyors, vibrator operators, cement silica, clay, fly ash, lime and plasters, handlers (bulk or bag), cofferdam workers plus depth, on concrete paving, placing, cutting and tying of reinforcing, deck hand, dredge hand, and shore laborers, bankmen on floating plant, grade checker, power tools, front end man on chip spreaders, cassion workers plus depth, gunnite nozzle men, lead man on sewer work, welders, cutters, burners and torchmen, chainsaw operators, jackhammer and drill operators, layout man and/or drainage tile layer, steel form setter - street and highway, air tamping hammermen, signal man on crane, concrete saw operator, screedman on asphalt pavers, laborers tending masons with hot material or where foreign materials are used, mortar mixer operators, multiple concrete duct - leadsman, lumen, ...

Examples of Ceramic in a sentence

  • Grahl, “Saving Lives with Ceramic Armor,” Ceramic Industry, June 2003: 34.

  • If they are unable to provide or coordinate service, call Xxxxx Ceramic Products and ask for our Technical Service Department.

  • The Development of the Ceramic Industry in IndonesiaThe Association of Various Indonesian Ceramic Industries (Asaki) admitted that they were pretty satisfied with the performance of the ceramic industry in 2021 ago.

  • Xxxxxx, NY: Museum of Ceramic Art at Xxxxxx, the New York State College of Ceramics at Xxxxxx University, 1995.

  • ANSI A108.5 – Ceramic Tile Installed with Dry-Set Mortar or Latex–Portland Cement Mortar.

  • Non-water cooled partition wallThe 1.4-m long non-water cooled Z-BLOK partition wall was NIPPON STEEL TECHNICAL REPORT No. 98 JULY 2008 Ceramic Fiber and the Development of Insulating Technology Fig.

  • However, the development of a low-shot crystalline CF blanket has made it possible to omit the burdensome work of applying an 2008NIPPON STEEL TECHNICAL REPORT No. 98 JULY Ceramic Fiber and the Development of Insulating Technology Table 4 Examples of carcinogen classification Fig.

  • Electrical : Anchor wiring Toilets : Anti-Skid Ceramic tile flooring and Glazed tiles Dado up to 7 feet height with good quality fittings and white color sanitary xxxx.

  • Ceramic reproduced photographs will be permitted on the headstone only in certain sections of the cemetery and then only with special permission.

  • Science & Technology of Polymer and Ceramic Materials (9 out of 39 h/semester), 10 semesters2.

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Ceramic means an inorganic non-metallic material that is produced by application of heat. Ceramics are usually hard, porous and brittle and, in contrast to glasses or glass ceramics, display an essentially purely crystalline structure.
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