Casino License definition

Casino License means the license issued by the Board to operate the Casino and engage in Casino Gaming Operations.
Casino License means any material license, franchise or other approval or authorization required to own, lease or operate a Casino, or otherwise conduct gaming in any jurisdiction in which Trustor conducts, or proposes in good faith to conduct, gaming business, including any applicable liquor license.

Examples of Casino License in a sentence

  • The Board considered that pursuant to the force majeure clause under the Casino License Agreement, the Licensee is not required to pay the Annual License Fee in the event of natural disasters.

  • Rights and Duties of Casino Licensees and Casino License Applicants 68 IAC 1-16-1 General provisionsAuthority: IC 4-33-4; IC 4-35-4Affected: IC 4-33; IC 4-35; IC 12-21-1-1 Sec.

  • In addition, MCE Leisure shall be entitled to retain all profits from non-gaming operations and shall be responsible for the license fee to PAGCOR under the Casino License and all applicable costs and expenses relating to the operation and management of the Project.

  • School-endorsed function: 1 supervisor per 50 minors KEY FACT:Minors frequenting does not apply to:• Limited Wineries• Distributors• Importing Distributors• Public Venues• Performing Art Facilities• Unlicensed areas of a golf course• Unlicensed areas of bowling alleys• Ski Resorts• Casino License Holders Please note, the provisions of the Clean Indoor Air Act must also be observed.

  • Furthermore, the project will support public awareness campaigns to inform Armenia’s citizens of their rights to justice and the mechanisms and tools ensuring access to justice.

More Definitions of Casino License

Casino License means a license to operate and maintain a casino facility for casino gaming permitted under this chapter.
Casino License means a license issued by the board to a person to own or operate a casino in Michiganthis state under the act.
Casino License means a license issued by the Commission to one person to own and operate one casino in West Virginia under the Racetrack Table Games Act and the Racetrack Video Lottery Act.
Casino License means the Provisional License and upon its issuance, the Regular Casino Gaming License, as the same may be amended, supplemented, or modified from time to time in accordance with the terms thereof.
Casino License means that casino license agreement of even date herewith between Licensor and Casino Licensee.
Casino License means a plenary casino license issued under Section
Casino License shall have the meaning assigned thereto in Paragraph 4.2.8 hereof.