Cancelling definition

Cancelling an order means asking us not to give effect to an order you have placed,
Cancelling an order means asking us not to give effect to an order you have placed, before we have made that service available to you (even if you have not yet used that service).
Cancelling an order means asking us not to give effect to an order you have placed, before we have made that service available to you.

Examples of Cancelling in a sentence

  • Cancelling, terminating, or suspending a contract, in whole or in part.

  • Cancelling or suspending your Account We may: ● cancel your Account, ● suspend the ability to make charges, ● cancel or suspend any feature on your Account, and ● notify merchants that your Account has been cancelled or suspended.

  • All notices must be submitted in the same manner as specified for submission of Bids, by clearly marking them as “WITHDRAWAL” “SUBSTITUTION,” or “MODIFICATION” eTendering: A Bidder may withdraw, substitute or modify its Bid by Cancelling, Editing, and re-submitting the Bid directly in the system.

  • Cancelling, terminating, or suspending a control, in whole or in part.

  • Cancelling your payment instruction Once you provide you payment instruction to us, you may not cancel it, except if it is a payment instruction under a billing agreement (see below for more details).

  • Cancelling, terminating, or suspending the Agreement, in whole or in part.

  • Cancelling, terminating, or suspending a contract, in whole or in part.6. Incorporation of Provisions: The contractor will include the provisions of paragraphs one through six in every subcontract, including procurements of materials and leases of equipment, unless exempt by the Acts, the Regulations and directives issued pursuant thereto.

  • Cancelling this Agreement within the Cancellation Period will not cancel any Transaction entered into by you during the Cancellation Period.

  • Cancelling Your Policy.We can cancel this policy by giving you not less than 30 days’ advance written notice that states when the policy coverage will end.

  • Cancelling, terminating, or suspending the contract/agreement, in whole or in part.

Related to Cancelling

  • New Exercise Date means a new Exercise Date if the Administrator shortens any Offering Period then in progress.

  • Option Exercise Date means the date of service of an Option Notice by the Lessee on the Lessor;

  • Disconnect means the permanent disconnection of any structure, switchgear, equipment, line or device used by you at the Supply Point from the Transportation System and “Disconnection or Disconnected” shall be construed accordingly;

  • ro-ro passenger ship means a passenger ship provided with cargo or vehicle spaces not normally subdivided in any way and extending to either a substantial length or the entire length of the ship in which vehicles or cargo can be loaded or unloaded in a horizontal direction;

  • passenger ship means a ship which carries more than 12 passengers;

  • Existing ship means a ship which is not a new ship.

  • existing vessel means a vessel that is not a new fishing vessel.

  • Premium Loading means the additional premium on top of the Standard Premium charged by the Company to the Policy Holder according to the additional risk assessed for the Insured Person.

  • Purchase Orders means official orders issued by an operating division of Transnet to the Supplier/Service Provider for the supply of Goods or Services;

  • Notice of Readiness means a valid notice of readiness served by the owner of the Nominated Vessel pursuant to the Vessel Charter party stating, amongst other things, that the Nominated Vessel is ready to load in all respects (including physically and legally).

  • RMA means this Rate and Method of Apportionment of Special Tax.

  • Programme Limit means the maximum aggregate nominal amount of Notes that may be issued and outstanding at any time under the Programme, as such limit may be increased pursuant to the Dealer Agreement;

  • Directory Sign means any sign on which the names and locations of occupants or the use of a building is given. This shall include offices and church directories.

  • Drop shipment means the sale of a prescription drug to a pharmaceutical wholesaler by the manufacturer of the drug; by the manufacturer's co-licensed product partner, third party logistics provider, or exclusive distributor; or by an authorized distributor of record that purchased the product directly from the manufacturer or from one of these entities; whereby:

  • Sailing vessel means any vessel under sail provided that propelling machinery, if fitted, is not being used.

  • Total Exercise Price shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4(a) hereof.

  • Flashing sign means a sign which contains an intermittent or flashing light source or which includes the illusion of intermittent or flashing light by means of animation or an externally mounted light source but does not include an automatic changing sign or electronically controlled message centre;

  • Purchase Order (PO) means a written offer made by a purchaser to a supplier formally stating the terms and conditions of a proposed transaction.

  • Reprint 3 would mean that the reprint was the 3rd reprint since the Act was passed. Reprint numbering was implemented as from 1 January 2003.

  • The Purchase Order means the order placed by the Purchaser on the Supplier signed by the Purchaser including all attachments and appendices thereto and all documents incorporated by reference therein. The purchase order shall be deemed as "Contract" appearing in the document.

  • Disconnection means a deactivation of connection assets that results in cessation of distribution services to a consumer;

  • Shipment means a volume of products offered to and accepted by Carrier for transportation.

  • fishing vessel means a vessel used for catching fish, whales, seals, walrus or other living resources of the sea;

  • Initial Warrant Exercise Date means the date hereof.

  • Minimum Exercise Amount means the Minimum Exercise Amount as specified in § 1 of the Product and Underlying Data.

  • Purchase Order means the form or format a Customer uses to make a purchase under the Contract (e.g., a formal written purchase order, electronic purchase order, procurement card, contract or other authorized means).