CAME definition

CAME means Centrale d’Achats de Médicaments Essentiels et Consommables Médicaux, the Recipient’s Central Drug Procurement Unit for the Recipient’s public health sector;

Examples of CAME in a sentence

The AM(CAw) should be identified in the Contractor Flying Organization Exposition and the Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition (CAME), iaw RA 49432.Requirement for a Mil CAMO2.



This product is engineered and manufactured by CAME cancelli automatici s.p.a. and complies with current safety regulations.

Sources of information should be listed and procedures for the transmission of information from the sources, together with the procedure for collecting and receiving it, should be set out in detail in the CAME or MOE as appropriate.

CAME engineers and manufactures all of its products in Italy.This product complies with the following legislation: see declaration of compliance.

The additional material may be published in separate documents which must be referenced from the CAME.

The scope of work shall be specified in the continuing airworthiness management exposition (CAME) in accordance with point CAMO.A.300.

This information should be contained in the CAME or MOE as appropriate.

The company CAME cancelli automatici is ISO 9001:2000 quality certified; it has also obtained the ISO 14001 environmental safeguarding certification.

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me or "my" means each Borrower who signs this note and each other person or legal entity (including guarantors, endorsers, and sureties) who agrees to pay this note (together referred to as "us"). "You" or "your" means the Lender and its successors and assigns.
Privy means an above grade structure allowing for the disposal of excreta not transported by a sewer and which provides privacy and shelter and prevents access to the excreta by flies, rodents, or other vectors.
Confidential and Proprietary Information shall include, but shall not be limited to, confidential or proprietary scientific or technical information, data, formulas and related concepts, business plans (both current and under development), client lists, promotion and marketing programs, trade secrets, or any other confidential or proprietary business information relating to development programs, costs, revenues, marketing, investments, sales activities, promotions, credit and financial data, manufacturing processes, financing methods, plans or the business and affairs of the Company or of any affiliate or client of the Company. Additionally, information that, by its nature and content, would be readily recognized by a reasonable person to be proprietary to the Company shall also be deemed Confidential and Proprietary Information. Executive expressly acknowledges the trade secret status of the Confidential and Proprietary Information and that the Confidential and Proprietary Information constitutes a protectable business interest of the Company. Executive agrees not to:
Contact means a communication, direct or indirect, between an athlete agent and a student athlete, to recruit or solicit the student athlete to enter into an agency contract.
Public domain means information which is published and which is generally accessible or available to the public:
Confidential record means a record that is not available as a matter of right for examination and copying by members of the public under applicable provisions of law. Confidential records include records or information contained in records that the department is prohibited by law from making available for examination by members of the public, and records or information contained in records that are specified as confidential by Iowa Code section 22.7 or another provision of law, but that may be disclosed upon order of the court, the custodian of the record, or by another person duly authorized
Sangria means a drink consisting of red or white wine mixed with some combination of
AS WITNESS Name: AS WITNESS: Name: Signature: Signature: AS WITNESS: Name: AS WITNESS: Name:
my means each Borrower who signs this note and each other person or legal entity (including guarantors, endorsers, and sureties) who agrees to pay this note (together referred to as "us"). "You" or "your" means the Lender and its successors and assigns.
confidential records means those portions of correspondence, memoranda, files, manuals, books, lists, financial, operating or marketing records, magnetic tape, or electronic or other media or equipment of any kind in Executive’s possession or under Executive’s control or accessible to Executive which contain any proprietary information. All confidential records shall be and remain the sole property of the Company during the Term and thereafter.
Confidential or Proprietary Information means any secret, confidential or proprietary information of the Company or an affiliate (not otherwise included in the definition of a Trade Secret under this Employment Agreement) that has not become generally available to the public by the act of one who has the right to disclose such information without violation of any right of the Company or its affiliates.
Confidential commercial information means records provided to the govern- ment by a submitter that arguably contain material exempt from release under Exemption 4 of the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. 552(b)(4), be- cause disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause substantial competi- tive harm.
PAT means a document or product accessibility template, including any Information Technology Industry Council Voluntary Product Accessibility Template or VPAT®, that specifies how information and software products, such as websites, applications, software and associated content, conform to WCAG 2.0 Level AA.
Sproule means Sproule Associates Limited, independent petroleum consultants of Calgary, Alberta.
Proprietary Information means any and all confidential and/or proprietary knowledge, data or information of the Company. By way of illustration but not limitation, "Proprietary Information" includes (a) trade secrets, inventions, mask works, ideas, processes, formulas, source and object codes, data, programs, other works of authorship, know-how, improvements, discoveries, developments, designs and techniques (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Inventions"); and (b) information regarding plans for research, development, new products, marketing and selling, business plans, budgets and unpublished financial statements, licenses, prices and costs, suppliers and customers; and (c) information regarding the skills and compensation of other employees of the Company. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is understood that, at all such times, I am free to use information which is generally known in the trade or industry, which is not gained as result of a breach of this Agreement, and my own, skill, knowledge, know-how and experience to whatever extent and in whichever way I wish.
McDaniel means McDaniel & Associates Consultants Ltd., independent oil and gas reservoir engineers of Calgary, Alberta;
State Confidential Information means any and all State Records not subject to disclosure under CORA. State Confidential Information shall include, but is not limited to, PII, PHI, PCI, Tax Information, CJI, and State personnel records not subject to disclosure under CORA. State Confidential Information shall not include information or data concerning individuals that is not deemed confidential but nevertheless belongs to the State, which has been communicated, furnished, or disclosed by the State to Contractor which (i) is subject to disclosure pursuant to CORA; (ii) is already known to Contractor without restrictions at the time of its disclosure to Contractor; (iii) is or subsequently becomes publicly available without breach of any obligation owed by Contractor to the State; (iv) is disclosed to Contractor, without confidentiality obligations, by a third party who has the right to disclose such information; or (v) was independently developed without reliance on any State Confidential Information.
Trade Secrets means information including, but not limited to, technical or nontechnical data, formulae, patterns, compilations, programs, devices, methods, techniques, drawings, processes, financial data, financial plans, product plans or lists of actual or potential customers or suppliers which (i) derives economic value, actual or potential, from not being generally known to, and not being readily ascertainable by proper means by, other persons who can obtain economic value from its disclosure or use, and (ii) is the subject of efforts that are reasonable under the circumstances to maintain its secrecy.
Contractor's Confidential Information means any information, however it is conveyed, that relates to the business affairs, developments, trade secrets, know-how, Contractor’s Personnel and suppliers of the Contractor, including IPRs, together with all information derived from the above, and any other information clearly designated as being confidential (whether or not it is marked as "confidential") or which ought reasonably to be considered to be confidential, including the Commercially Sensitive Information.
Confidential Material means data (including but not limited to portfolio data) and documents, which are not in the public domain and which are disclosed to the FCM Clearing Member, its associated companies and advisers, or to which the FCM Clearing Member, its associated companies and advisers obtains or otherwise has access as a result of participation in the Rates Service DMP, (which, for the avoidance of doubt, does not include any information, data or documents provided to the Clearing House by the FCM Clearing Member).
Proprietary and Confidential Information means trade secrets, confidential knowledge, data or any other proprietary or confidential information of the Company or any of its affiliates, or of any customers, members, employees or directors of any of such entities, but shall not include any information that (i) was publicly known and made generally available in the public domain prior to the time of disclosure to Executive by the Company or (ii) becomes publicly known and made generally available after disclosure to Executive by the Company other than as a result of a disclosure by Executive in violation of this Agreement. By way of illustration but not limitation, “Proprietary and Confidential Information” includes: (i) trade secrets, documents, memoranda, reports, files, correspondence, lists and other written and graphic records affecting or relating to any such entity’s business; (ii) confidential marketing information including without limitation marketing strategies, customer and client names and requirements, services, prices, margins and costs; (iii) confidential financial information; (iv) personnel information (including without limitation employee compensation); and (v) other confidential business information.
Public dose means the dose received by a member of the public from exposure to sources of radiation released by the licensee or registrant, or to any other source of radiation under the control of the licensee or registrant. "Public dose" does not include occupational dose, or doses received from background radiation, from any medical administration the individual has received, from exposure to individuals administered radioactive material and released in accordance with 12VAC5-481-1870, or from voluntary participation in medical research programs.
Associates means in relation to either Party and/or Consortium Members, a person who controls, is controlled by, or is under the common control with such Party or Consortium Member. As used in this definition, the expression “control” means with respect to a person which is a corporation, the ownership, directly or indirectly, of more than 50% (fifty percent) of the voting shares of such person, and with respect to a person which is not a corporation, the power to direct the management and policies of such person, whether by operation of law or by contract or otherwise.
Confidential Information has the meaning set forth in Section 9.1.
Confidential System Information means any communication or record (whether oral, written, electronically stored or transmitted, or in any other form) provided to or made available to Grantee; or that Grantee may create, receive, maintain, use, disclose or have access to on behalf of HHSC or through performance of the Project, which is not designated as Confidential Information in a Data Use Agreement.
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