Calling Party definition

Calling Party means a Customer who originates a Call Communication or, where applicable, the Customer who is billed or is obliged to pay for the Call Communication or, in the case of an International Inbound Call, the person originating the Call Communication;
Calling Party means a person who, or apparatus which, initiates a Call;
Calling Party a person who initiates a Call;

Examples of Calling Party in a sentence

  • Calling Party Number”) means the ten (10) digit number of the calling Party.

More Definitions of Calling Party

Calling Party has the meaning given such term in Section 9.4(a).
Calling Party. , in relation to a quote, shall mean the party who proposes to deal with the party who posts a quote. It shall also have the meaning given to the term in Rule 2.4 of these Rules.
Calling Party means a person who initiates a Call;
Calling Party the meaning specified in Section 6.1(a).
Calling Party a person placing an Emergency Call to the ECAS”;
Calling Party means an End User directly connected to the Access Provider’s Network which makes a Call to one of the Access Provider’s Services.
Calling Party means a person who (or a device which) initiates a Call;