Calculating definition

Calculating means the mathematical determination of the flow rate and medication dosages.
Calculating. Majority Participants" under clause 1.3; and

Examples of Calculating in a sentence

  • Such costs are generally identified with the organization’s overall operation and are further described in Office of Management and Budget Uniform Guidance.Options for Calculating Administrative/Indirect Costs (choose either A, B, OR C)Applicants choose one of three methods to calculate allowable administrative costs – a CNCS-fixed percentage rate method, a federally approved indirect cost rate method, or a de minimis method.

  • Calculating Anticipated Tenant IncomeOwner shall qualify tenants by calculating household income using the gross income the household anticipates it will receive in the 12-month period following the effective date of the initial certification or Recertification.

  • Calculating, measuring, and safely preparing patient or human research subject dosages;4.

  • Calculating what is likely to be the value of a site given a specific planning permission, is only one factor in deciding what is viable.

  • Calculating the value of stock options using this methodology is very different from a simple “in-the-money” value calculation.

  • For further information see 6.4.2 Calculating the Parental Income Test Result (using the family pool).

  • Calculating, measuring, and safely preparing patient or human research subject dosages; 4.

  • The department may require that an opinion of a certified public accountant or public accountant accompany the report when adjustments made to prior reports indicate disregard of the certification and reporting instructions.81.6(9) Calculating patient days.

  • The Composite Score is calculated in accordance with “Part B-The Method for Calculating the Composite Score” of these Incentive Compensation Calculation Procedure Notes.

  • This method of figuring the beginning balance results in daily compounding of interest.EXAMPLE: Calculating InterestAssume that you have a single interest rate of 15.99%, your ADB is $2,250 and there are 30 days in the billing period.The DPR is 15.99% divided by 365 days = 0.0438%The Interest is $2,250 multiplied by 0.0438% multiplied by 30 days = $29.57When an interest rate changes, the new DPR may come into effect during-not just at the beginning of- the billing period.

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  • Cloud computing means a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. This includes other commercial terms, such as on-demand self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity, and measured service. It also includes commercial offerings for software-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service, and platform-as-a-service.

  • Reference Day means each Business Day in the relevant Interest Period, other than any Business Day in the Lock-out Period;

  • Computation Year means each twelve (12) consecutive month period commencing January 1 of each year during the Term following the Base Year.

  • Consolidated Total Interest Expense means with respect to any Person for any period, the aggregate amount of interest required to be paid or accrued by a Person and its Subsidiaries during such period on all Indebtedness of such Person and its Subsidiaries outstanding during all or any part of such period, whether such interest was or is required to be reflected as an item of expense or capitalized, including payments consisting of interest in respect of any capitalized lease or any synthetic lease, and including commitment fees, agency fees, facility fees, balance deficiency fees and similar fees or expenses in connection with the borrowing of money.

  • Gross Profit means gross receipts minus the amount actually expended for the payment of prize awards.

  • Total Interest Expense means, for any period, total cash interest expense deducted in the computation of Net Income for such period (including that attributable to Capital Lease Obligations and interest paid under synthetic leases) of the Borrower and its Subsidiaries for such period with respect to all outstanding Indebtedness of the Borrower and its Subsidiaries (including all commissions, discounts and other fees and charges owed with respect to letters of credit and bankers’ acceptance financing and net costs of rate hedging in respect of interest rates to the extent such net costs are allocable to such period in accordance with GAAP).

  • Annualized Interest Expense means, for the four consecutive quarters ending on each Reporting Date, the Operating Partnership’s Pro Rata Share of interest expense, with other adjustments as are necessary to exclude the effect of items classified as extraordinary items, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, reduced by amortization of debt issuance costs and adjusted to reflect the assumption that (i) any interest expense related to indebtedness incurred since the first day of such four-quarter period is computed as if such indebtedness had been incurred as of the beginning of such period, and (ii) any interest expense related to indebtedness that was repaid or retired since the first day of such four-quarter period is computed as if such indebtedness had been repaid or retired as of the beginning of such period (except that, in making such computation, the amount of interest expense related to indebtedness under any revolving credit facility shall be computed based upon the average daily balance of such indebtedness during such four-quarter period).

  • Gross Profits means the gross profits calculated under section 4;

  • Computation Date is defined in Section 2.04.

  • Consolidated EBITDAR means, with respect to any specified Person for any period, the Consolidated Net Income of such Person for such period plus, without duplication:

  • Adjusted Income means, with respect to a HOME Development, the gross income from wages, income from assets, regular cash or noncash contributions, and any other resources and benefits determined to be income by HUD, adjusted for family size, minus the deductions allowable under 24 CFR §5.611.

  • Consolidated Net Finance Charges means, for any Relevant Period, the aggregate amount of the accrued interest, commission, fees, discounts, prepayment penalties or premiums and other finance payments in respect of Borrowings whether paid, payable or capitalised by any member of the Group in respect of that Relevant Period:

  • Consolidated Net Earnings means, for any period, the net income (loss) of Borrower for such period, as determined on a Consolidated basis and in accordance with GAAP.

  • Gross earnings means all monies earned by the Employee under the terms of this Collective Agreement.

  • Interest Expenses means, in respect of an Accounting Period, the aggregate on a consolidated basis of all interest incurred by any member of the Group (excluding any amounts owing by one member of the Group to another member of the Group) and any net amounts payable under interest rate hedge agreements;

  • Interest Expense means, with respect to any person for any period, the sum of (a) gross interest expense (including any commitment or utilization fees in respect of available or undrawn amounts under loan, letter of credit or similar facilities) of such person for such period on a consolidated basis, including (i) the amortization of debt discounts, (ii) the amortization of all fees (including fees with respect to Swap Agreements) payable in connection with the incurrence of Indebtedness to the extent included in interest expense and (iii) the portion of any payments or accruals with respect to Capital Lease Obligations allocable to interest expense and (b) capitalized interest of such person. For purposes of the foregoing, gross interest expense shall be determined after giving effect to any net payments made or received and costs incurred by the Company and the Subsidiaries with respect to Swap Agreements.

  • Annualized Consolidated EBITDA means, for any quarter, the product of Consolidated EBITDA for such period of time multiplied by four (4).

  • Computation Period means each period of four consecutive Fiscal Quarters ending on the last day of a Fiscal Quarter.

  • adjusted underlying revenue means total income other than:

  • EBITDAR For any applicable twelve (12) month period, the consolidated net income or loss of a Person on a consolidated basis for such period, determined in accordance with GAAP, provided, however, that without duplication and in each case to the extent included in calculating net income (calculated in accordance with GAAP): (i) income tax expense shall be excluded; (ii) interest expense shall be excluded; (iii) depreciation and amortization expense shall be excluded; (iv) amortization of intangible assets shall be excluded; (v) write-downs and reserves for non-recurring restructuring-related items (net of recoveries) shall be excluded; (vi) reorganization items shall be excluded; (vii) any impairment charges or asset write-offs, non-cash gains, losses, income and expenses resulting from fair value accounting required by the applicable standard under GAAP and related interpretations, and non-cash charges for deferred tax asset valuation allowances, shall be excluded; (viii) any effect of a change in accounting principles or policies shall be excluded; (ix) any non-cash costs or expense incurred pursuant to any management equity plan or stock option plan or any other management or employee benefit plan or agreement or any stock subscription or shareholder agreement shall be excluded; (x) any nonrecurring gains or losses (less all fees and expenses relating thereto) shall be excluded; (xi) rent expense shall be excluded; and (xii) the impact of any deferred proceeds resulting from failed sale accounting shall be excluded. In connection with any EBITDAR calculation made pursuant to this Lease or any determination or calculation made pursuant to this Lease for which EBITDAR is a necessary component of such determination or calculation, (i) promptly following request therefor, Tenant shall provide Landlord with all supporting documentation and backup information with respect thereto as may be reasonably requested by Landlord, (ii) such calculation shall be as reasonably agreed upon between Landlord and Tenant, and (iii) if Landlord and Tenant do not agree within twenty (20) days of either party seeking to commence discussions, the same may be determined by an Expert in accordance with and pursuant to the process set forth in Section 34.2 hereof (clauses (i) through (iii), collectively, the “EBITDAR Calculation Procedures”).

  • Interest Expense Coverage Ratio means, for any period, the ratio of (a) Consolidated EBITDA for such period to (b) Consolidated Interest Expense for such period.

  • Consolidated EBITDA means, with respect to any Person for any period, the Consolidated Net Income of such Person for such period:

  • Operating Revenue means in any single fiscal year during the effective term of this Agreement, the total revenue generated by Party B in its daily operation of business of that year as recorded under the “Revenue of Principal Business” in the audited balance sheet prepared in accordance with the PRC accounting standards.

  • Apportionable income means the gross income of the business taxable under the service classifications of a city's gross receipts tax, including income received from activities outside the city if the income would be taxable under the service classification if received from activities within the city, less any exemptions or deductions available.

  • Available Income means the Up-MACRO Available Income or the Down-MACRO Available Income, as applicable.

  • Computation Day and "Record Date" shall mean 10, 10, 10, and 10.